Tenant Complaints

Tenant Complaints

Toronto Community Housing is committed to delivering quality services to our tenants. All Toronto Community Housing employees are expected to meet established standards of service delivery and respond promptly to tenants and other stakeholders when concerns are raised. We encourage tenants to express their concerns or complaints in the many ways available.

As announced in September 2019, TCHC is in the midst of an organizational restructuring that will add frontline resources and provide tenants with better services and support. During this transitional period, our complaints process will be evaluated and may evolve as required to best support a tenant-focused service delivery model.


What is a complaint?

A complaint is different from a service or maintenance request or an administrative inquiry.
 Service requests or other inquiries related to your building, your unit or your community should first be directed to the staff at the local office or the Client Care Centre. Our Client Care Centre can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 416-981-5500 or sending an email to help@torontohousing.ca. Your request will be directed to appropriate staff who will attempt to resolve it within five business days.

If you are unable to get a resolution within five business days from when you reported the issue or you are unsatisfied with the response/service you received, you can then proceed with filing a complaint with the Solutions Team.


How do I report a complaint? 

The complaints process is not intended to replace the normal interactions that occur between tenants and staff, and is not intended to be used prior to an issue first being raised with appropriate local office staff or the Client Care Center.


1. If local staff or the Client Care Centre are unable to resolve your concern and you would like to escalate the issue, you may do so by making a complaint with our Solutions team, either by phone at 416-981-6000 or by email at solutions@torontohousing.ca. Please note: you will need to provide Solutions with an Easytrac reference number in order to register your complaint.


2. The Solutions team will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within two business days. In the event the complaint cannot be resolved immediately, Solutions will advise you of the anticipated timeline. In all cases, tenants will be informed of the outcome of decisions, and where applicable, any additional actions to be taken by Toronto Community Housing to resolve the complaint.


3. Decisions issued by Solutions are considered final. If you disagree with the outcome of a decision, you may contact Ombudsman Toronto by phone at 416-392-7062 or by email at ombudsman@toronto.ca.

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