In 2018, Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) developed a master plan to revitalize Firgrove-Grassways, refurbishing the two low-rise blocks at Needle Firway as well as the mid-rise building at 5 Needle Firway, including 147 units across the properties.

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    Working closely with tenants, local stakeholders, and the City of Toronto, TCHC led the development of a master plan for further improvements at Firgrove-Grassways. The master plan for Firgrove-Grassways proposes to replace 236 Rent Geared to Income (RGI) units, add up to 644 market units and up to 107 net new affordable units on site.

    In March 2020, TCHC submitted a Zoning By-law Amendment and draft plan of Subdivision Application to the City of Toronto for review of the master plan. Both the rezoning application and the draft plan of subdivision were approved.

    A timeline for construction will be developed once funding for the Firgrove-Grassways revitalization is secured.   

    Birdseye view of Firgrove Grassways community divided by zones indicating which areas are to be retained and which areas will be demolished as part of the revitalization

    Firgrove Grassways Community before revitalization (pre-2019): 236 existing 2-4 Storey RGI units in Blocks 1 and 2, 147 RGI units in a 12-storey rental building and townhouses in Block 3, along with a swimming pool, community space and a City-run daycare

    Birdseye view of Firgrove Grassways community map indicating the final master plan

    Approved Master Plan: Eight new blocks that include two TCHC buildings with 343 rental units (236 RGI and 107 affordable rental),a community centre, new park, four new streets and four mixed-use buildings with 644 market units.

    By the numbers 

    • Size: 13.5 acres 
    • TCHC rental units (RGI)  to be replaced: 236 
    • TCHC rental units (RGI) that were refurbished: 147
    • TCHC new affordable rental units: up to 107
    • Master Plan Development Process: 2018 to 2020 
    • Zoning By-law and Draft Plan of Subdivision Application: 
      • Submission: March 2020
      • Rezoning approval: July 2022
      • Draft Plan of Subdivision approval: January 2023

    Development information 

    The master planning, rezoning and draft plan of subdivision for the Firgrove-Grassways revitalization has been completed. Work is underway to apply for  project funding. Based on the outcomes of these funding applications, staff will determine next steps to implement the revitalization.

    In a report to the TCHC Board of Directors on September 12, 2019, TCHC staff recommended that the Firgrove-Grassways revitalization project proceed, and that staff pursue funding from all levels of government to fund the shortfall. In addition, staff will be seeking other funding opportunities and partnerships that will add additional affordable housing units and expanded community space to the Firgrove community.

    Once funding is secured and the implementation plan is in place, work can proceed to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to select a Developer Partner, prepare the necessary planning applications to the City and continue to engage with tenants, the broader community and the City to refine programming and detailed designs of the blocks.

    Development timeline


    • City of Toronto approves the Draft Plan of Subdivision in January 2023, subject to conditions.
    • TCHC to submit Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) funding application  


    • City of Toronto approves the rezoning application  in July 2022
    • TCHC completes refurbishment work on 147 units at Needle Firway  in August 2022 


    • Demolition of Blocks 1 and 2 starts in November 2021. 


    • TCHC submitted a Zoning By-law Amendment (Rezoning application) and Draft Plan of Subdivision Application to the City of Toronto for review of the master plan. 


    • TCHC begin refurbishment of 147 units at Needle Firway.  Refurbishment work included updating exterior cladding, and the ground floor lobby; new windows and balcony doors; mechanical upgrades; and new amenity spaces, tenant hub and relocation office.     


    • In February 2018 TCHC Board approves the Firgrove-Grassways revitalization plan and proceeding with the creation of a Master Plan.
    • In June 1018 TCHC initiates an eight-month master planning process with Firgrove tenants, local stakeholders, and elected officials to envision the potential for a revitalized community. 

    Marveh Farhoodi

    Community Revitalization Assistant

    Will Mendes

    Director, Program Delivery