Tenant Guide

This is your guide to living in your Toronto Community Housing unit (apartment or townhouse). The guide describes our duties as your landlord and explains your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

Important: The Tenant Guide is intended to be a quick source of information for you. The information in this guide may change over time or become out of date. The information in this guide should not be taken as legal advice. If there is any conflict between what is written in this guide and any law of Canada, or any Toronto Community Housing policy, procedure or guideline, then the law, policy, procedure or guideline prevails.  Nothing in this guide is a promise, agreement or offer of service by Toronto Community Housing. 

Alternate formats

Large print

Download a large-print vers​ion of the Tenant Guide in English. 


A braille version of the Tenant Guide is available upon request. To request a braille Tenant Guide, follow instructions below. 

Printed copies

To request a printed copy of the Tenant Guide, including braille, you can: 

  • Visit your local Tenant Service Hub  
  • Email help@torontohousing.ca. Please include your name, phone number, and address, including unit number. 
  • Call the Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500. If you leave a voice message, please remember to say your name, phone number, and address, including unit number.​