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    How to file your tax return

    Do you need help filing your taxes? The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) hosts free tax clinics for eligible people through the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program.  

    You can find a list of free tax clinics in your area on the CRA website at The City of Toronto also promotes free tax clinics; you can find more information at or by calling 311.  

    You also can file your taxes online using any of the following Netfile software approved by the CRA:  

    • CloudTax  
    • H&R Block (online)  
    • SimpleTax
    • Turbotax 
    • UFile

    Tax credits and benefits

    By filing your taxes every year, you may be eligible for tax credits and benefits.  

    The Low-income Individuals and Families Tax (LIFT)  

    • Provides up to $850 in personal income tax relief to low-income and minimum wage workers and up to $1,700 to couples.  

    Ontario Child Benefit  

    • Provides a maximum payment of $1,434 per child per year to low- to moderate-income families, whether they are working or not.  

    Canada Child Benefit (CCB)  

    • The maximum annual benefit is $6,765 per child under the age of 6 and $5,708 per child aged 6 to 17.  
    • CCB also includes the child disability benefit. The maximum benefit is $240 per month for each eligible child.  

    Canada Workers Benefit (CWB)  

    • This refundable tax credit provides tax relief for low-income individuals and families in the workforce. The maximum payment is $1,381 for single individuals and $2,379 for families.  
    • CWB also includes a disability supplement. The maximum payment is $713 for eligible single individuals or for families.  

    Disability Tax Credit (DTC)  

    • The tax credit helps persons with disabilities or their supporting persons reduce the amount of income tax they may have to pay.  
    • The maximum annual amount is $8,416 for individuals over the age of 18 and $5,003 for individuals under the age of 18.  

    GST/HST Credit  

    • This tax-free quarterly payment helps individuals and families with low and modest incomes offset part of the GST or HST they pay  
    • The maximum annual credit is $451 if you are single, $592 if you are married or living common-law, and $155 for children under the age of 19.  

    Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)  

    • A monthly non-taxable benefit to Old Age Security pension recipients who have a low income and are living in Canada.  
    • The maximum monthly payment amount is $919.  

    Ontario Seniors’ Public Transit Tax Credit  

    • This refundable tax credit helps seniors over 65 with public transit costs.  
    • You can claim up to $3,000 in eligible public transit expenses and receive up to $450 each year. 

    The Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB)  

    • The Ontario Trillium Benefit includes the Ontario Sales Tax Credit, which provides relief to low-income Ontario residents for the sales tax they pay. The maximum annual credit is $313 for each adult and child in the family.  
    • The Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit is also part of the Ontario Trillium Benefit. However, most TCHC buildings are exempt from municipal education and property taxes, and tenants of these buildings are not eligible for the property tax credit.  
    • Information about property tax exemptions is below. You can also call TCHC’s Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500 to confirm whether TCHC pays property taxes on your building. 

    Check your building's property tax status

    In 2011, Toronto City Council approved a plan to exempt 383 TCHC buildings (53,623 units) from municipal education and property taxes and redirect the tax savings to fund capital repairs to TCHC buildings. The Canada Revenue Agency advises taxpayers that they should not include rent paid for a principal residence that was not subject to property tax when claiming the Ontario Trillium Benefit.  

    Because of this tax exemption, knowing the property tax status of your home is important information that could affect how you file your taxes. Use this list of TCHC properties to find your address and confirm your tax status: 

    View the list of properties and their tax status (PDF).

    Tax assistance and additional information

    We recommend that tenants seek advice from a tax professional before filing their taxes, including when considering a claim for the Ontario Trillium Benefit. While TCHC does not provide such advice, it may be available to TCHC tenants through tax clinics listed above. 

    The Ontario Trillium Benefit is a provincial program that is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency, which can provide more information on the Benefit