The Conservation team helps lead Toronto Community Housing to a more sustainable future.

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    What does the Conservation team do?

    Toronto Community Housing is the second-largest social housing provider in North America and one of the largest employers in Toronto. This puts us in a unique position to help support the City's climate change goals. Established in 2020, our Conservation team helps lead the organization to a more sustainable future. The Conservation team focuses on:

    Staff education

    • Ongoing learning and educational sessions
    • Checklists for responding to tenants' utility-related complaints
    • Building utility reports

    Tenant education

    • In-suite electricity use and monitoring and education
    • Thermostat use education
    • Community-specific programming

    Green Office

    • Green office performance ratings for tenant service hubs and TCHC offices
    • Collaborate with vendors to promote the purchase of eco-friendly office supplies
    • Green office educational programs

    Waste Program

    • Illegal dumping monitoring
    • Create a standard of procedures for the waste management program
    • Waste enclosure signage
    • Waste kits distributed to tenants
    • Sharps disposal program

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    To foster a culture of conservation at Toronto Community Housing, the Conservation team is implementing several initiatives and programs. 
    These initiatives and programs will help:  

    • Toronto Community Housing meets its commitment to reduce energy consumption by 25 per cent by 2028 
    • Support the organization in water consumption, electricity, natural gas and waste reduction 
    • Educate tenants and staff on behaviors that will improve tenants' quality of life while also decreasing utility consumption  
    • Educate tenants and staff about how to utilize new energy-efficient equipment and capital upgrades 
    • Ensure all tenant-facing capital investment measures include conservation education and training opportunities 
    • Limit savings erosion of capital investments through training and education 
    • Engage tenants in incorporating conservation into the community

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