How to prepare for an emergency

An emergency can happen any time or any place: are you prepared? The safety of our tenants and communities is our top priority. We have put together a series of resources that shows how you can prepare for an emergency, as well as how Toronto Community Housing is prepared to respond to many types of emergencies that may affect safety and security of tenants, staff and property.

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    Get prepared

    Complete the “In case of emergencies” form and place it somewhere visible in your unit.

    Self-ID process 

    Do you or a member of your household identify as needing extra help during an emergency at your building? We encourage you to take part in the self-ID process. Simply fill out the updated Emergency Contact and Special Assistance Information form below. 

    This process is completely voluntary and confidential, and it also keeps you safe.   

    Tenants who experience barriers to accessibility can identify themselves to Toronto Community Housing. This helps make sure they are safe during an emergency through evacuation help or wellness checks. 

    The updated form is included in the Annual Review package for every tenant. You are encouraged to fill out a copy as soon as possible.

    Complete the Self ID form

    Read our Emergency Preparedness Guide

    Contact us

    If you have any questions about the self-ID process, please contact your Tenant Service Hub, building superintendent or call the Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500.