Your TCHC team

Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) employees are committed to providing clean, safe, well-maintained homes for tenants. Staff are able to provide support and answer questions about repairs, your lease, safety and getting involved in the community. Toronto Community Housing offers services and supports to tenants through a few different options.

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    In your building


    Your Superintendent works in your building or complex. They look after day-to-day maintenance and complete service requests. You can talk in person, or contact them through the direct phone number posted in your building.

    You can also talk to your Superintendent about:

    • Reserving an elevator for moving or deliveries
    • Annual unit inspections

    For maintenance requests on evenings and weekends, call the Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500.

    At your local Tenant Service Hub

    Your Tenant Service Hub is where you can get in-person service, meet with staff for one-on-one support and get faster responses from your local staff team.

    You can walk into a Hub during posted hours of operation, but we encourage you to book an appointment. Call your local Hub or the Client Care Centre and ask for an appointment with a staff member.

    Tenant Services Coordinator (TSC)

    Your Tenant Services Coordinator is responsible for:

    • meeting with tenants for lease signing
    • calculating rent
    • overseeing the arrears process
    • parking
    • other duties to help you with your tenancy, including filing complaints.

    Contact your TSC with questions about your rent or lease. Their name and contact details are posted in your building. If you are not sure who your TSC is, contact the Client Care Centre.

    Community Services Coordinator (CSC)

    Our Community Services Coordinators work in different ways to support tenant needs. Some CSCs work on safety programming or supportive services, while others support tenants to get involved and be a part of official leadership systems.

    These staff work with tenants, local leaders, and agencies. They want to learn about your community needs. CSCs can also connect you and your neighbours to services and opportunities in your community. 

    Their name and contact details are posted in your building. If you are not sure who your CSCs are, contact the Client Care Centre.

    Client Care Centre

    Call the Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500.

    Please email or use the online form if your matter is not urgent. In an emergency, always call.

    The Client Care Centre is always open, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Agents respond to calls and can help you with emergencies in your building. They can also answer questions about your tenancy and repair requests. Interpretation is available in 170 languages.

    Here are some things you can contact the Client Care Centre about:

    • Tell us that you need a repair in your unit. (Note: if it is an emergency repair, always call, do not email.)
    • Ask about a repair you have requested. 
    • Make a complaint.
    • Get parking information. 
    • Ask about a letter you received from us.
    • Ask anything about your lease, your rent, or your account balance.
    • Ask about community events or large repairs in your community.
    • Get updates on service disruptions (like no power, no heat, no hot water). 

    Be sure to get a reference number for each request you make.

    When you call the Client Care Centre, staff will give you a reference number. If they do not give you a reference number, ask for one. You can use this number when you speak to any TCHC staff about your request.

    Safety in your community

    Community Safety Unit (CSU)

    All tenants have the right to be safe in their neighbourhoods. Always call 9-1-1 in an emergency such as a fire, a violent crime in progress or a life-threatening medical emergency.

    Call the CSU at 416-921-2323 about issues like:

    • illegal or criminal activity
    • parking violations
    • trespassing
    • excessive noises

    Staff are there to answer calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Special Constables

    As part of our Community Safety Unit, TCHC has Special Constables. We also have a number of private security guards that support our buildings.

    Special Constables are not police officers but can investigate and make arrests on TCHC property. They are on patrol in our neighbourhoods, but are also sent by dispatch to respond to incidents at specific sites. Special Constables and other members of the CSU work closely with law enforcement agencies like the Toronto Police Service.

    Community Safety Advisor (CSA)

    Community Safety Advisors work to address safety concerns in TCHC communities. They also give support to tenant-led safety councils. If you are interested in starting a safety council in your building, please contact your CSA. Their name and contact details are posted in your building. If you are not sure who your CSA is, contact the Client Care Centre.

    Solutions team

    If you have an unresolved concern or complaint about service or the conduct of a fellow tenant, you can contact the Solutions team. The Solutions team manages TCHC's complaints process, working quickly to resolve tenant complaints in a fair, efficient, and transparent manner. 

    Contact Solutions if:

    • You are unhappy with services you received, have tried to resolve the complaint with the Client Care Centre or your local Tenant Service Hub and are still not satisfied with the results.
    • You had a positive experience with TCHC and would like to send a compliment to a staff member.

    When you contact Solutions, you can expect:

    • Our team to acknowledge your request within one business day and confirm the reference number for your service request.
    • After the investigation, the team will give you an explanation about what is being done to resolve your complaint. This will include an anticipated timeline if the complaint cannot be resolved immediately.

    You can reach the Solutions team at 416-981-6000 or, or by completing the feedback form online.