Your TCHC team

Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) employees are committed to providing clean, safe, well-maintained homes for tenants. Staff are able to provide support and answer questions about repairs, your lease, safety and getting involved in the community. Toronto Community Housing offers services and supports to tenants through a few different options.

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    In your building


    Your Superintendent works in your building or community and looks after day-to-day maintenance. Contact your Superintendent's office for maintenance requests Monday to Friday.

    You can also talk to your Superintendent about:

    • Reserving an elevator for moving or deliveries
    • Annual unit inspections

    For maintenance requests on evenings and weekends, call the Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500.

    At your local Tenant Service Hub

    Tenant Service Hubs are a one-stop shop where tenants can meet with their local staff.

    Tenant Services Coordinator (TSC)

    Your Tenant Services Coordinator is responsible for renting out units, meeting with tenants for lease signing and calculating rent.

    Contact your TSC with questions about your lease, rent or tenancy.

    Community Services Coordinator (CSC)

    Your Community Services Coordinator works to connect you to available opportunities and services.

    Ask your CSC about local programs and services that might suit your goals and needs.

    Client Care Centre

    Call the Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500.

    The Client Care Centre can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Agents respond to calls and can help you with emergencies in your building. They can also answer questions about your tenancy and repair requests. Interpretation is available in 170 languages.

    Contact the Client Care Centre about:

    • Maintenance requests
    • After-hours emergencies in your building
    • Unresolved services requests
    • Information about your tenancy.
    • Always write down your reference number.

    When you call the Client Care Centre to request a repair or ask a question about your tenancy, our agents will give you a reference number. Use the number to follow up on your request. You should be given a reference number every time you call.

    Please email or use the online form if your matter is not urgent. In an emergency, always call.

    Safety in your community

    Community Safety Unit (CSU)

    All tenants have the right to be safe in their communities. Always call 9-1-1 in an emergency such as afire, a violent crime in progress or a life-threatening medical emergency.

    Contact the CSU about issues like:

    • Illegal or criminal activity
    • Parking violations
    • Trespassing
    • Excessive noises

    Call CSU at 416-921-2323 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Special Constables

    Special Constables are not police officers but can investigate and make arrests on TCHC property. They patrol communities on foot, by bicycle or in cars and may provide security at special events.

    Community Safety Advisor (CSA)

    CSAs deliver safety programs to tenants, do community outreach and provide support for tenant-led safety councils.