250 Davenport

At 250 Davenport, Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) used proceeds from the sale of a portion of the land to revitalize the existing building. Improvements were made inside and outside to improve the quality of life for our tenants.

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    ​By the numbers   ​

    • Size: 2.6 acres  
    • Replaced TCHC rental units: 13 
    • Refurbished TCHC rental units: 449 

    Amenities and upgrades:  

    • Improved open space around the existing building 
    • New indoor community spaces and updated amenity room 
    • New exterior façade  
    • New windows and balcony doors 
    • New central air conditioning 
    • Elevator upgrades
    • Improvements to the heating and other building systems 

    Development information 

    Development partner 



    TACT Architecture

    Development timeline

    Spring 2023

    • Expected completion of COTA Agency offices and amenity space on the ground floor

    Spring 2022

    • Construction begins for Tenant Hub and COTA Agency office

    Fall 2021

    •  Occupancy of 13 TCHC grade-related replacement units

    Spring 2018

    • Construction begins for low-rise block of 13 TCHC replacement units

    Summer 2017

    • Demolition of west half of garage
    • All building renovation work completed

    Spring 2017

    • Underground garage renovations start
    • Elevator upgrade work continues

    Winter 2016

    • Final mechanical and electrical work completed

    Fall 2016

    • Windows and doors completed
    • Exterior cladding completed

    Summer 2016

    • Water risers completed

    Fall 2015

    • Construction starts

    Fall 2014

    • Design workshop with building residents

    July 2014

    • Building Retrofit Sustainable by Design workshop

    Spring 2014

    • Building improvement surveys and workshops with residents

    Additional documents

    In November 2016, the City of Toronto approved the Zoning By-law Amendment and Rental Housing Demolition & Conversion applications for the redevelopment of 250 Davenport: