R-PATH committee

R-PATH committee

​​​​​​A resident-led committee that advocates for the needs of residents living with physical disabilities and identify how to improve accessibility at Toronto Community Housing.

The Responsible Personal Accessibility in Toronto Housing (R-PATH) committee was established in May 2013. It provides recommendations to Toronto Community​ Housing management on issues that affect residents with physical disabilities from carrying out their daily activities.

​The R-PATH committee works with Toronto Community Housing to help remove housing design barriers in all of its communities. The committee's goal is to improve the quality of life of residents with physical disabilities and to support Toronto Community Housing in being a leader in accessible housing.

There will be up to 12 members on the R-PATH committee who represent the needs and interests of residents with all types of physical disabilities including people who use wheelchairs, walkers, visual or hearing impaired devices, and people who are living with a child or spouse who has mobility challenges.

R-PATH is open to residents who might be interested in​ volunteering their time, skills and leadership to support the committee's work. Application for new members is open for interested volunteers.

Please contact r-pathcommittee@hotmail.com​ f​or information on the activities of the committee and how you can volunteer.
Committee members

2013—​2015 Committee Members

Cathy Birch (Chairperson)
Arfan Shahriyar
Jane Donohue
Joe Knapper​
Lene Andersen
Amanda O’Shaughnessy 

Special Events

People in Motion Show
People in motion show
Front row, left to right: Lene Andersen, R-PATH member; Arfan Shahriyar, R-PATH member; Cathy Birch, R-PATH Chair; Joe Knapper, R-PATH member. Back row, left to right: Jacqueline Daley, Manager, Accessibility Programs; Bruce Malloch, Director, Strategic Communications; Lenna Bradburn, Vice President, Resident and Community Services; Maurice Brenner, Managing Director, Diversity, Fairness and Human Rights; Sheila Penny, Vice President, Facilities Management; Greg Spearn, Interim President and CEO; Cynthia Summers, Commissioner of Housing Equity; Graham Leah, Vice President, Asset Management; Leslie Gash, Development Director

From left to right: The Honourable David C. Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Maurice Brenner, Bruce Malloch, Greg Spearn, Cynthia Summers and Cathy Birch

​St. Lawrence neighbourhood annual Canada Day celebration

At the annual Canada Day celebration in the St. Lawrence neighborhood, R-PATH Committee participated in the parade bringing awareness of accessibility and inclusiveness to the local community.
Annual Canada Day Celebrations
R-PATH Committee Chair ​Cathy Birch, with community members, represented accessibility in Toronto Community Housing at the St. Lawrence neighborhood Annual Canada Day celebration.