TCHC implements final phase of Integrated Service Model to better serve senior tenants

TORONTO, May 12, 2022 - Toronto Community Housing Corporation's (TCHC) Seniors Housing Unit has implemented the Integrated Service Model (ISM) for more than 14,000 senior tenants living in TCHC's 83 seniors-designated buildings.

This is a major milestone on the road to establishing the necessary support and onsite housing services that senior tenants need to age in place with dignity and comfort, in a manner that is more reflective of their needs. The changes have been made in the buildings that will be operated by Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation, starting on June 1, 2022.

TCHC and City of Toronto staff worked closely to design and develop the Model, gathering input from senior tenants and provincial healthcare partners. ISM increases the staff-to-tenant ratio in each building, providing tenants with faster access to onsite staff and services when they need it. Onsite staff are able to connect tenants to health and community support services, and all Seniors Housing Unit staff receive ongoing educational training on seniors-specific topics. Revised seniors-specific procedures have also been implemented to better respond to the unique challenges faced by seniors.

Implementation of the ISM began in December 2020 with Phase 1 launching in 18 buildings in the South East Region. Phase 2, launched in September 2021, saw 26 buildings in the North West Region and another eight buildings in the South East Region added to the implementation. Phase 3, launched in March and April 2022, brought the remaining 31 buildings within the South West and North East regions into the model.

ISM is an important part of the City of Toronto's Tenants First plan. Its full implementation across all 83 buildings comes weeks before the transition to the Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation (TSHC) on June 1, 2022. The transition to TSHC is expected to provide additional opportunities to gather feedback from senior tenants and improve the model's effectiveness.


"The Integrated Service Model is a key deliverable of the City's Tenants First plan. It will provide the improvements that senior tenants living in Toronto Community Housing have told us they want and need. It will deliver services to seniors in ways that build relationships of trust between housing staff and the senior tenants they serve, laying the groundwork for a successful transition to the Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation."

— Mayor John Tory

"Throughout the pandemic, the Integrated Service Model has proven itself to be an effective way to care for our senior tenants. It gave our organization the ability to be proactive, providing wellness checks to all 14,000 of our senior tenants, as well as three rounds of vaccination clinics in the Seniors Housing Unit's 83 buildings. With this new service model, I am confident that seniors are supported by compassionate staff who are equipped with all the tools to succeed during and after the transition to the Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation."

— Jag Sharma, CEO, Toronto Community Housing Corporation

"We are excited to reach this important milestone today. Introducing and implementing the Integrated Service Model during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth unprecedented challenges, which we've been able to overcome thanks to the ongoing collaboration and efforts of our staff, partners, and tenants. We will continue to work with our staff and stakeholders to ensure the full implementation of the model across TCHC's 83 seniors buildings achieves its goal of ensuring senior tenants can age in place with dignity and in comfort."

— Grant Coffey, General Manager (I), Seniors Housing Unit


The Seniors Housing Unit's ISM Annual Program Report describes key outcomes of implementing the Integrated Service Model to date. 


About Toronto Community Housing

Toronto Community Housing is Canada's largest social housing provider, and provides homes to nearly 60,000 households with low and moderate incomes in neighbourhoods across the city. Toronto Community Housing is wholly owned by the City of Toronto and its 2,100 buildings represent a $10-billion public asset.

About Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation

Once it begins operations on June 1, 2022, Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation (TSHC) will provide subsidized rental housing in a state of good repair for seniors (age 59+) living in the 83 seniors-designated buildings owned by Toronto Community Housing. TSHC will provide and connect seniors with services through an Integrated Service Model designed to enable senior tenants to age in place, have successful tenancies and enjoy a better quality of life.

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