Sharing her love of languages

A Don Summerville tenant teaches French to TCHC youth.

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Tenant and French teacher Marlyse Obono Menoung

As a native French speaker, Marlyse Obono Menoung has a passion for teaching the French language. She has been a resident of the Don Summerville community since 2018 and has taught young children French and helped them with their homework.

“Naturally, young people came to me because they heard me speak French,” she said. “They asked me if I could help them with their French homework. Since teaching is my passion, I did it with pleasure. The children were really happy because they think French is a beautiful language.”

She shares that learning a second language, including French, can have many benefits for young people today. This is regardless of their background or life situation. “For young people growing up in public housing, the ability to speak a second language like French can open doors and provide opportunities that would otherwise not be available,” she said.

Marlyse confided that as a mother working full time, it was difficult to teach youth at the same time. However, she adds that despite the challenges, she finds that balancing work, family, and community involvement can be rewarding and fulfilling. “It can provide opportunities for personal growth, professional development and have a positive impact on the world,” she said.

Marlyse is a two-time recipient of the Don Summerville Scholarship (she received it in 2022 as well as this year) based on her achievements and commitment to the community. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Education at the University of Ottawa. “University studies are expensive,” she said. "The scholarship helped me pay tuition fees and they have a dynamic team available to help you during your application process.”

A lesson well learned.

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