A little bit of conservation with some summertime fun

How the TCHC Conservation team engaged over the summer

A member of the TCHC Conservation team stands behind a table under a tent in an outdoor greenspace. The table contains activities, promotional items and a prize wheel.

A Conservation team member stands behind a table with conservation promotional items on it.

At Toronto Community Housing, we believe that proactive tenant engagement is the foundation of strong communities. 

Throughout the summer, our Conservation team participated in several community events to engage tenants in a wide range of programs to promote environmental sustainability. This includes attending Community Day at 3947 Lawrence Avenue, two Local 416 BBQs at Parma Court and Moss Park, a YouthWorx event at 20 Gordonridge Place, and the United Way BBQ for all TCHC staff at Woodbine Beach. 

These events were great ways for staff and tenants to socialize outdoors, get fresh air, have some fun, and enjoy a good meal. It was also an opportunity for our staff to promote conservation tips on energy, water, and waste management. 

“We hope that as we build momentum with our team’s programs and get out to engage both staff and tenants, more people will become aware of their actions and the impact on the environment,” says Ross Donaldson, TCHC Program Coordinator.

To test their knowledge of conservation and sustainability activities, some tenants participated in the prize wheel challenge where they got to answer questions and win prizes. The Conservation team provided helpful hints to the questions, which made it an engaging learning opportunity for the participants.

Among the giveaways were waste kits, which include kitchen catchers for organic waste, reusable recycling bags, and waste diversion materials to provide tenants with information on sorting their waste. 

“The waste kits are very popular with tenants, and we usually run out before the end of the event. The Conservation team can be reached at any time through local community staff for more waste materials,” says Tanya Krejberg, TCHC Program Coordinator.

Two TCHC Conservation team staff stand behind a table at a community event. The table contains a prize wheel, coloring sheets and more promo items to help people learn about the importance of conservation.

TCHC staff attended a community engagement to create awareness on environment conservation and sustainability.

Summertime activities and community engagement are anticipated by the tenants. Events like BBQs allow TCHC staff to interact with tenants, give back to the community, and demonstrate their personal commitment to environmental protection. 

The Conservation team is committed to promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness about the importance of conservation. We believe that small changes in our daily lives can make a big difference in protecting the environment for future generations. Additionally, we are always open to new ideas and collaborations to continuously promote environmental sustainability. 

If you want the Conservation team to come and talk in your community about conservation and environmental issues, volunteer with the team at community cleanups, and more, let us know! We can be reached at conservation@torontohousing.ca.

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