Board of Directors Meeting - July 28, 2022

July 28, 2022
Virtual Meeting

Event description

Official meeting of the Toronto Community Housing Board of Directors.

Meeting documents

Public Agenda For Web Posting July 28 2022 FINAL (PDF)
Item 4 - Public Boad of Directors Minutes - June 28, 2022 (PDF)
Item 5 - Board Public Action Item List - June 28, 2022 (PDF)
Item 6 - Strategic Priorities- Q1 2022 Progress Report (PDF)
Item 6 - Attachment 1 - Q1 Strat priorities Board Facing Score Card (PDF)
Item 7 - Swansea Mews Update (public) (PDF)
Item 8 - Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Rooming Houses (PDF)
Item 9A - Change Order Employee Benefit Carrier Services (VAC22344 RFP 17296) (PDF)
Item 9B - VA Multiple Vendors Demand Electrical Maintenance Services (VAC22362 RFP22023) (PDF)
Item 9C - Request to Advance the Water Efficiency Retrofits Program 220630 (PDF)
Item 9D - CA Midsteel Mechanical PTAC and Fan Coils RFP 22007 (VAC22305) (PDF)
Item 9E - CA Trinity Services Garage Restoration at 40 Gordonridge Place (VAC22327 RFQ22130) (PDF)
Item 10A - Review of CSAC Charter (PDF)
Item 10A - Attachment 1 - Community Safety Advisory Sub-Committee Charter (PDF)
Item 10B - TCHC's Operational Performance Measures (PDF)
Item 10B Supplemental - TCHCs Operational Performance Measures (PDF)
Item 10B - Attachment 1 - TCHC Short Term Vacancy Action Plan (PDF)
Item 10B - Attachment 2 - Vacancy Data by Region and Development (PDF)
Item 11A - Request to Re-Name TSHC Property (PDF)
Item 11B - Impact of the ModernTO Strategy on Tenant Services (PDF)
Item 11C - Council Items Requiring Board Attention (PDF)
Item 11C - Attachment 1 - City Council Decision Tracker and Action Items - June 2022 (PDF)
In-Camera Agenda For Web Posting July 28 2022-Final 2 (PDF)

Meeting recording

Meeting contact

Sonia Fung

Committee Secretary