Community Safety Unit - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to commonly asked questions about TCHC's Community Safety Unit (CSU).

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    How do I contact the Community Safety Unit to report an emergency safety or security incident?

    The Community Safety Unit Communications Centre is available 24/7 at (416) 921-2323. 

    How do I report on-going issues of anti-social behaviour in my community?

    • Reports of on-going issues can be made through the Community Safety Unit web form. If the incident is occurring at this time, please contact the CSU Communications Centre for a staff member to attend. 

    • You can also visit your local TCHC Service HUB and request to speak with the assigned Community Safety Advisor (please note that Community Safety Advisors do not work out of the HUB and will follow up with you at a later time in persons, or via telephone/email if preferred) 

    I have a complaint about on-going parking issues or about a Parking Violation Notice/10 Day Tow Warning I received, whom do I contact?

    Please contact the Community Safety Unit Parking Enforcement/Administration Complaint Line at (416) 981-6470. 

    I would like to make a complaint about a CSU Special Constable or other front line staff member, how do I complain?

    Please refer to the Feedback page.

    I have submitted a complaint against a Community Safety Unit Special Constable, what happens next? 

    All compliments will be reviewed by a member of the Community Safety Unit Management Group and or a member of the Community Safety Unit Awards and Recognition Committee. 

    All complaints are reviewed by the Community Safety Unit Senior Director, who will determine if the complaint can be resolved locally or if it will require further investigation. 

    Please note  complaints regarding Special Constables or sworn members of the Community Safety Unit do not only fall under the Toronto Community Housing Complaints Process, but the Complaints Process set forth under the Memorandum of Understanding between Toronto Community Housing and the Toronto Police Service. 

    As such, complaints about staff members holding an appointment as a Special Constable may be reviewed by the Toronto Police Service Professional Standards Section, who will determine which agency will conduct the investigation. Complaints determined to be of a serious nature by the Toronto Police Service Professional Standards Section, will be investigated by them. 

    Complaints of a less serious nature are returned to the Toronto Community Housing to be investigated by an independent Complaints Investigator. The Complaints Investigator deals with complaints regarding Special Constables as well as unsworn members (Dispatchers, Community Safety Advisors and administrative/un-sworn management) of the Community Safety Unit. 

    The Complaints Investigator is a member of the Toronto Community Housing Legal Department and is not a member of the Community Safety Unit. This is done in order to maintain independent oversight of complaints.  

    I wish to submit a compliment or commendation regarding the conduct of a Community Safety Unit staff member, how do accomplish this? 

    Please refer to the Feedback page. 

    I am interested in becoming a Community Safety Unit employee, where can I find more information?