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    Deputations to the Board are generally used to provide the Board with information not available in writing or not brought before the Board as part of committee or staff reports. Deputations are not a forum for debate between deputants and directors, but are to be used as an opportunity for the sharing of new information and the clarification of issues.

    Deputation process

    TCHC will continue to live-stream its Board and Committee meetings and allowing members of the public to depute in real time. 

    If members of the public would like to depute to an item on the Agenda for a Board or Committee meeting, they have the option to do so by either:

    • submitting a written deputation to the Deputations Team either in an email or as an attachment to an email to which will be circulated to the Board/Committee members; or 
    • contacting Sonia Fung at 416-981-4286 or sending an email to to confirm that they want to depute in real time either:
      • in person at the meeting. Deputants must provide their name, phone number and the item(s) they wish to depute on; or
      • via Webex. Deputants must provide their name, phone number and the item(s) they wish to depute.

    The deadline to either confirm that you want to depute or to submit a written deputation to a Board or Committee meeting is 3:00pm on the business day before the meeting. 

    All deputations will be made public after the meeting is held. Oral deputations will be part of the audio video record of the meeting and will be posted to TCHC's YouTube channel. Written deputations, which comply with TCHC's Board of Directors Meeting Procedures, will be posted with the meeting minutes. For this reason, please do not include personal information (like your phone number or address) in your deputation.

    For individuals who wish to depute in person, you must be in attendance, at the meeting, at the time that the Board or Committee reaches the Agenda Item to which their deputation relates. The majority of Board and Committee meetings are now conducted at City Hall but that is not always the case. Please check the meeting materials carefully to confirm the location at which the in person of the meeting is being held. Once the Board/Committee has concluded their in-camera session, members of the public will be invited into the Meeting Room to attend the public portion of the meeting. 

    For individuals who depute via Webex, you must have access to a computer or a smartphone equipped with the Webex Meetings App to join the meeting. 

    The Board or Committee may choose to hear all deputations at the same time or when it considers the Agenda item to which the deputation(s) relate. For this reason, you must be available to make your deputation at any time during the meeting. If you are not available at the appropriate time, we will move on to the next member of the public who wants to make a deputation. 

    TCHC's Board of Directors Meeting Procedures require deputations to not be disrespectful about anyone, to not use offensive language, to speak only about the subject on which the Board or Committee invited them to speak and to adhere to the Board's Rules and the Chair's rulings. The Chair may end a deputation if there is disorder or a failure to follow these rules. 

    Thank you.

    Public Agenda and Meeting Materials

    The Public Agenda and Meeting Materials for TCHC Board and Committee Meetings are posted seven (7) calendar days prior to the meeting.

    Read more about the Toronto Community Housing Board of Directors Meeting Procedures.

    Deputation policy 

    This policy provides guidelines for using deputations as a means to further inform the Board of TCHC on an item that is before them. The Policy confirms TCHC's commitment to the consideration of stakeholder opinion and input.

    Read more about the Toronto Community Housing Deputation Policy for Stakeholders.