Tenant Services Committee

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    Screen capture of a recent meeting



    John Campbell

    Committee Secretary

    Sonia Fung


    • Ubah Farah (Vice-Chair)
    • Marcel Charlebois
    • Councilor Paula Fletcher
    • Debbie Douglas
    • Ziva Ferreira
    • Chair of the Board (voting ex-officio member)

    Executive leads

    Nadia Gouveia, Acting Chief Operating Officer


    The Tenant Services Committee is established as a committee of the Board of Directors of Toronto Community Housing to assist the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities in respect of:

    • Community relations, tenant engagement and quality customer service 
    • Healthy communities 
    • Day-to-day maintenance 
    • Community safety and security 
    • Social investment 
    • Oversight of the Commissioner of Housing Equity   

    Community Safety Advisory Sub-Committee 


    • Councillor Paula Fletcher, Chair 
    • Marcel Charlebois 
    • Debbie Douglas 
    • Ubah Farah


    The Community Safety Advisory Sub-Committee ("CSAC") is established as a sub-committee of the Tenants Services Committee (the "TSC"), itself a committee of Toronto Community Housing's ("TCHC") Board of Directors (the "Board"), to assist the Board and TSC in fulfilling its responsibilities in respect of Community Safety and Security at TCHC. 

    Read the Community Safety Advisory Sub-Committee Charter (PDF).

    Meeting frequency

    Both TSC and CSAC must meet once each quarter and may meet more often.


    Please see the Tenant Services Committee charter (PDF) for more information about this committee, including its responsibilities and authority.