Governance, Communications and Human Resources Committee

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    Recent meeting



    Joe Cressy

    Committee Secretary

    Sonia Fung


    • Debbie Douglas (Vice-Chair)
    • Ziva Ferreira
    • Brian Smith
    • Marcel Charlebois
    • Ubah Farah
    • Chair of the Board (voting ex-officio member)

    Executive leads

    • Darragh Meagher, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
    • Barbara Shulman, Chief People and Culture Officer


    The Governance, Communications, and Human Resources Committee (GCHRC) is established as a committee of the Board of Directors of Toronto Community Housing.

    The GCHRC Charter describes its responsibilities as related to:

    • Corporate governance; 
    • Human resources, executive compensation, and succession planning;
    • Stakeholder relations and corporate communications; and
    • Corporate compliance.

    Meeting frequency

    The committee must meet once each quarter and may meet more often.


    Please see the GCHRC committee charter (PDF) for more information about this committee, including its responsibilities and authority.