​Deputation process

Deputations to the Board are generally used to provide the Board with information not available in writing or not brought before the Board as part of committee or staff reports. Deputations are not a forum for debate between deputants and directors, but are to be used as an opportunity for the sharing of new information and the clarification of issues. 

Oral deputations 

Any member of the public may request to make an oral deputation on public items that are on the Agenda of the Board or a Committee of the Board. Deputations cannot be heard on items that are not on the meeting agenda. 

Members of the public wishing to register to make a deputation at a board meeting should contact the board secretary, Charmaine Zina, at 416-981-4232 or

Members of the public wishing to register to make a deputation at a board committee meeting should contact the committee secretary, Sonia Fung, at (416) 981-4286 or  


Deputants are requested to register in advance of the meeting. This will allow time for the Board Chair to confirm: 

  • that the deputation is related to agenda and the recommendations before the Board/Committee. 
  • that it contains information that furthers the Board or Committee’s understanding of the issue. 

Oral deputations are limited to five minutes. 

While it is preferred that deputants inform the board secretary of their intention to depute it is not a requirement. Deputants who have not registered before the board meeting have an opportunity to identify themselves at the beginning of the meeting at the call of the Chair. Stakeholders who wish to ensure that their concerns can be adequately addressed by Directors at the meeting may submit a written or alternate format* copy of their deputation at least 3 days ahead of the meeting in order to allow enough time for: 

  1. the distribution of deputation materials to Board/Committee members for their review prior to the meeting; 
  2. information-gathering by the Committee Chair and/or committee members; 
  3. briefing of committee members on the issues raised; and 
  4. clarification of issues/concerns raised. 

All reports to the Board and Committees of the Board are to include an overview of any stakeholder engagement process that may have occurred and some sense of the stakeholder input so that directors can be aware of what all stakeholders have said with respect to the item. Board reports will also include an overview of any deputations received at the committee level on any agenda item. 

Deputation policy

Summary of the policy

This policy provides guidelines for using deputations as a means to further inform the Board of Directors of Toronto Community Housing on an item that is before them. The Policy confirms Toronto Community Housing's commitment to the consideration of stakeholder opinion and input.

Toronto Community Housing Board of Directors Deputation Policy

Deputation Policy for Stakeholders (PDF)