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TCHC homes tenants in 106 of Toronto's 158 neighbourhoods, providing homes to over 43,000 low and moderate-income households.

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    Our regions

    Toronto Community Housing organizes its portfolio into three regional offices.

    West Region

    Central Region

    East Region

    General Manager: Likwa Nkala

    Assistant General Manager: John Perkovic

    General Manager: John Kraljevic

    Assistant General Manager: Terrence Smith

    General Manager: Marva Jeffers

    Assistant General Manager: Bob Macdonald

    If you need support, please visit your local Tenant Service Hub or contact the Client Care Centre for 24-hour support.

    Search our building portfolio

    Open the Google Map to search our building portfolio. Once you have opened the map, please click on the search icon to proceed. Please note that the map only includes TCHC buildings that contain more than five individual units.

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    Toronto Community Housing properties

    Overview of TCHC buildings containing more than five individual units.