Update on Swansea Mews Emergency Order

Toronto Community Housing has issued this statement from President and Chief Executive Officer Jag Sharma about the emergency order to vacate Swansea Mews.

"I want to thank Toronto's Chief Building Official Will Johnston and his team for their efforts today to communicate with Swansea Mews tenants that have remained in their units about the immediate need to vacate all homes in the community.

"There is an urgent safety risk to those remaining in Swansea Mews. Independent engineers hired by the City have confirmed the findings of TCHC's engineers that it is unsafe for tenants to remain in their homes, even with temporary shoring in place, because of unsafe structural conditions recently found in all Swansea Mews buildings.

"While I empathize with the Swansea Mews community for the significant disruption they are facing, their safety is our paramount concern. Toronto Community Housing is making every effort to comply with the City's emergency order to vacate Swansea Mews. Short-term accommodations and supports are available for every family and a long-term relocation process is currently underway.

"We are committed to getting every family into safe, stable and suitable long-term housing so that they can return to their regular routine, with a promise they can return once repairs have been made to make the buildings safe to live in."

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