TCHC and Tridel Resubmit Rezoning Application as Talks continue with the City

TORONTO, April 10, 2023 – Following its response to City feedback on December 6, 2022, and its original rezoning application submission on April 14, 2022, Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) and Tridel recently responded to the City's latest feedback on the Phase 4 and 5 rezoning application. The latest submission addresses the City's ask for additional technical changes while delivering more affordable housing, community amenities, and high-quality open spaces.

The resubmission was presented to the Regent Park community on April 25, as part of the City's second community consultation meeting to discuss the rezoning application for the last phases of the revitalization.

Key changes reflected in the latest rezoning continue to facilitate a pedestrian environment that is more comfortable, attractive and engaging:

  • An increase in housing supply – 76 new units for affordable housing were created while responding to requests for reduced setbacks and increased distances between and maintaining minimal shadow impacts to adjacent neighbourhoods to the north (Cabbagetown).
  • A new public street – Referred to as Street "G", a new public street will be built between Dreamers Way and Sackville Street. Though originally intended as a private street, Street G will still provide a high-quality, pedestrian environment and an efficient north-south connection.
  • An increase to the east-west connection (previously referred to as "green spine") – a modest change to the width of the distance between building podiums allows for more space dedicated to pedestrians and the public realm.
  • Building Swap - Podium heights on buildings facing Oak Street have been swapped to locate 2-storey building heights along the proposed east-west mews and POPS to promote a more pedestrian oriented design.

TCHC and Tridel will continue to engage with both the community and the City as part of the continuing rezoning application approval process.

The original rezoning application process was developed in close consultation with community members, in over 1,500 interactions, including surveys, virtual community meetings, focus groups, and engagement with community organizations. The resubmitted application continues to centre on the vision that Regent Park residents have for their community.

One of the largest urban revitalizations of its kind, the Regent Park revitalization is an ongoing, five-phased project that is transforming the Regent Park community into a mixed income, mixed-use neighbourhood offering rent-geared-to-income (RGI) units, affordable housing rentals, and market condominiums.

To learn more about the Regent Park Revitalization, and view the rezoning application documents, please visit

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