Swansea Mews: Statement by President and CEO Jag Sharma

TORONTO, June 7, 2022—Toronto Community Housing President and Chief Executive Officer Jag Sharma has released the following statement. Toronto Community Housing is responding to a rapidly evolving situation in Swansea Mews and our focus continues to be protecting the safety of tenants.

We regret the incident on May 27 and at the town hall meeting tonight I will apologize to the Swansea Mews community for the disruption they have experienced and the tension the incident has caused.

We are here tonight to listen to tenants and work through how to develop short-term and long-term solutions that meet their needs.

In the short term, we need to understand the full scope of the problem in Swansea Mews, which dates back to the time of its construction.

Testing is underway and we will share those results as soon as possible.

Tenants will need to temporarily vacate their homes while this work is done.

Our staff have been working to secure temporary accommodation for more than 100 households, along with transportation, food and other supports.

Over the longer-term, we need to settle on a permanent solution that makes Swansea Mews a safe, welcoming community for our tenants.

We are working closely with Mayor Tory, Councillor Perks and our partners at the City of Toronto to make this happen.

We will question every assumption and consider every option until we can get it right, so that Swansea Mews residents can live in the comfort and safety they deserve. 

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