Bike To Work Day: Meet the Community Safety Unit’s (CSU) bike patrollers

two CSU officers riding bikes outside 415 Driftwood Avenue

Bike Patrollers Special Constables Dominic Khan and Giovanni Kinney at a Smart building at 415 Driftwood Ave on their bicycles.

Did you know TCHC's Community Safety Unit (CSU) has had a bike program since 1999? To mark National Bike to Work Day on May 21, we spoke with Special Constables Dominic Khan and Giovanni Kinney to learn more about CSU's bike patrollers.

In 2020, as part of CSU's summer readiness campaign, a dedicated group of bike patrollers was formed under the Violence Reduction Program (VRP).

The VRP bike program currently consists of 16 CSU staff members and is active in the Lawrence Heights, Edgeley Village and Regent Park communities.

Special Constables Khan and Kinney are bike patrollers at Edgeley Village.

Bikes are an environmentally friendly alternative to patrol cars. Riding a bike helps the special constables reduce their carbon footprint and navigate the townhouse complexes more easily. "It allows us to be more visible in the community, encouraging interaction with community members of all ages," explained Khan.

Bike patrolling also provides opportunities for the special constables to build healthy relationships with tenants through bike and community safety education, awareness and enforcement. "Riding a bike also promotes mental and physical wellness," Kinney added.

Bike patrols are just one way CSU works to keep communities safe. Read our article about CSU's community safety approach to learn more about TCHC's comprehensive, integrated approach to community safety.

Bike to Work Day: May 21, 2021

Take advantage of the warm weather and choose a bicycle as your mode of transport. Good for you, good for the planet!

Bike to work today to stay active and make a positive impact on the environment. To those who are working from home, choose your bike over a car when going to the store, or just for exercise.