Backgrounder: Developer partner for Phases 4 and 5 of the Regent Park revitalization

​Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) has selected Tridel Builders Inc. as its developer partner for Phases 4 and 5 of the Regent Park revitalization. TCHC's Board of Directors approved the selection of Tridel on December 15, 2020 following a rigorous, multi-stage, competitive public procurement process that included both a Request for Vendor Qualifications (RFVQ) and a Request for Proposals (RFP).

Decision to issue an RFP for Phases 4 and 5

  • As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the City of Toronto, TCHC must follow open, competitive public procurement principles.
  • TCHC's agreement with its current developer partner, The Daniels Corporation, expires at the end of Phase 3. Having a developer partner in place is a requirement before work can begin on Phases 4 and 5.
  • TCHC has worked to deliver a fair, rigorous and transparent RFP process that secured the best value for the development of this public asset.

Tridel's plan

  • Tridel has won the contract with a plan that provides outstanding value to the Regent Park community, Toronto Community Housing and the City of Toronto.
  • Tridel's plan includes a community economic development program totaling $26.8 million. The program is designed to meets the evolving needs of the community and will be shaped over the coming year with regular, frequent and direct input from the Regent Park community on their priorities.
  • Based on this one-year process of community engagement, TCHC and Tridel will sign a community benefits agreement setting out how the funds will be used.
  • After three years there will be an opportunity to review the community benefits agreement to ensure that the purposes for which the funds will be used will ensure the program's continued success.

TCHC's public procurement process

  • The process began in 2018 with a Request for Vendor Qualifications (RFVQ). Three proponents (Capital Developments, The Daniels Corporation and Tridel Builders Inc.) scored higher than the minimum threshold and were qualified to submit a proposal for stage 2, a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP).
  • Launched in 2019, the RFP invited the three prequalified proponents to submit a minimum of two business concepts, including a joint venture and a land offer.
  • TCHC evaluated each proposal based on rated criteria. All three developers achieved a minimum score to progress to the community presentations.
  • At the community presentations in October 2019, the developers presented their vision for the revitalization, a community engagement strategy and a community economic development plan. The developers also responded to questions from the community. 
  • All three developers met the minimum score to move to the Best and Final Offer (BAFO) stage. Tridel emerged from the BAFO stage as the top proponent and TCHC invited them to negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  • Following the successful completion of the MOU, TCHC staff brought the recommended selection of Tridel to the TCHC Board of Directors for approval.

Community involvement in the RFP process

  • TCHC made a clear commitment to community consultation. It took several steps to involve the community in the developer partner selection process for Phases 4 and 5, among them including a community presentation stage in the RFP.
  • Prior to issuing the RFP in 2019, TCHC staff met with the Regent Park Neighbourhood Association (RPNA) and then with the broader community to state our commitment to working with local residents in the developer selection process.
  • TCHC staff met with the RPNA in May 2018 to discuss the two-staged procurement process, timing and involvement by the community.
  • TCHC created a procurement committee consisting of Regent Park residents and selected four committee members to vet how the draft RFP addressed community needs.
  • TCHC held two meetings where it sought input from community on their needs and priorities. Based on this input, TCHC created a community conversations report which it shared with the developers before their initial proposal submissions.
  • TCHC worked with the Revitalization Working Group over the summer of 2019 to prepare and distribute information about the October community evaluation to all residents in Regent Park. TCHC engaged more than 600 residents about the RFP process, producing information materials and training residents about the importance of attending and scoring on the community presentation day.

Evaluation of the RFP

  • Proposals were evaluated by a panel of four senior TCHC managers from the Development, Finance and Legal divisions, with oversight from the Strategic Procurement team.
  • In the initial evaluation scoring, the rated criteria were worth a total of 80 points. This included:
    • The developer's team (2 points) and marketing and sales strategy (3 points)
    • The present value of the total proceeds that the developer's business concept would realize for TCHC (40 points)
    • An assessment of financial, market and construction risks, along with strategies for mitigating those risks (25 points)
    • Information on community economic development (10 points), including financial offers for jobs, scholarships and training opportunities and community consultation and engagement. 
  • The developer presentations evaluated by Regent Park residents were worth 20 points out of 100 points in the initial evaluation scoring.

Independent Fairness Commissioner

  • TCHC retained an external independent Fairness Commissioner, Justice Coulter Osborne, to oversee the RFVQ and RFP processes to ensure they were unbiased and did not favour or prejudice any one particular proponent.
  • Justice Osborne commented on the procurement documents prior to their release. He reviewed the criteria for evaluating proposals, oversaw the evaluation meetings, attended meetings with TCHC and proponents, and reviewed all direct communication.

About Tridel

  • Tridel is Canada's leading developer and builder of condominium residences. It has more than eight decades of diverse experience in home building and a strong commitment to customer service, innovation, environmentally sustainable design, performance in construction, and corporate stewardship.
  • Tridel has won numerous industry awards for design, marketing, sales, construction excellence, and customer service. Most recently, it was named Ontario Homebuilder of the Year by the Ontario Homebuilders Association, the fifth time it had received this prestigious honour.
  • Tridel is currently TCHC's developer partner for the Alexandra Park the Leslie Nymark revitalization projects.

About The Daniels Corporation

  • The Daniels Corporation is one of Canada's pre-eminent builders and developers. Over the past 36 years, Daniels has built more than 30,000 new homes across the Greater Toronto Area, with a commitment to integrating building excellence with opportunities for social, cultural and economic well-being. Daniels is committed to integrating affordable homes into its communities across the GTA through innovative corporate programs and partnerships with non-profit organizations to help address the significant affordable housing needs in today's market.
  • Daniels has been a part of the Regent Park revitalization since 2005 and has been instrumental in realizing the community's vision to transform this community. Their many contributions include creating an affordable home ownership program, working with tenants to provide jobs and training opportunities, and contributing to the realization of the Daniels Spectrum arts and cultural hub.
  • The Daniels Corporation will continue to be TCHC's developer partner for Phase 3 to complete all work arising from its partnership with TCHC. TCHC values its partnership with The Daniels Corporation. Daniels has made significant contributions to the success of the Regent Park revitalization and has built strong relationships in the community.
  • In addition to being TCHC's developer partner for Phases 1, 2 and 3 in Regent Park, Daniels is the developer of the TIFF Bell Lightbox and the City of the Arts community on Toronto's Eastern Waterfront. 

About Toronto Community Housing 

Toronto Community Housing ( is Canada's largest social housing provider. Toronto Community Housing provides homes for nearly 60,000 low- and moderate-income households in neighbourhoods across the city. Toronto Community Housing is wholly owned by the City of Toronto and its 2,100 buildings represent a $10-billion public asset. 

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