Building Investment, Finance and Audit Committee (BIFAC) Meeting - September 8, 2023

September 8, 2023
Committee Room 1, Toronto City Hall (Hybrid)
100 Queen Street West, Toronto

Event description

Official meeting of the Building Investment, Finance and Audit Committee (BIFAC).

Meeting Documents

In-Camera BIFAC Agenda – September 8, 2023

Item 2 – Public BIFAC Agenda – September 8, 2023

Item 4 – Public BIFAC Minutes of July 17, 2023

Item 5 – Public BIFAC Action Item List

Item 5 – Briefing Note re: Public Action Item #1 (Collection of Vendor Demographic Information)

Item 6 – Vendor Award: Provision of Security and Fire Watch Services (revised)

Item 7A – Facility Condition Index’s (“FCI”) Role in Project Prioritization

Item 7B – Q2 2023 Reconciliation of Preventive Maintenance and Demand Repair Programs and Elevator Contracts

Item 7C – Q2 2023 Facilities Management Quarterly Capital Budget Update

Item 7D – Vendor Award: Key Holder Services for Toronto Community Housing

Item 7E – Vendor Award: Rehabilitation of 17 Vacant Units at 50 Torbolton Drive

Item 7F – Change Order: Preventive Maintenance and Demand Repairs for Fire Alarm/Suppression Systems

Item 7G – Vendor Award: Common Area Accessibility Upgrades at 3847 Lawrence Avenue East

Item 7H – Vendor Award: Underground Garage Repairs for Phase 2, 3 and 4 at 6 Glamorgan Avenue

Item 7I – Change Order: Architectural Fees due to Percentage-Based Fee Adjustment and Contract Administration for Multiple Locations

Item 7J – Change Order: Additional Funds for Elevator Demand Repairs

Item 8 – Tenant Involvement in In-Unit Repairs

Item 9 – Q2 2023 Delegated Real Estate Property Transactions

Item 10 – Q2 2023 Procurement Award Committee (“PAC”) Awards and Revenue Contracts

Item 11 – Q2 2023 Information Technology Services Divisional Update

Item 12A – Internal Audit Update: Q2 2023

Item 12B – Status Update on Audit Recommendations from Internal Audit Reports as of June 30, 2023

Written Deputations - September 8, 2023 BIFAC Meeting

Meeting recording

Sonia Fung

Committee Secretary