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Elections policy

​​Policy Owner:​Strategic Planning
Date Approved​​:​August, 2013
​Approved By:​Board of Directors
​Next Review:​August, 2015

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Policy Summary

The Elections Policy governs the roles and responsibilities of Toronto Community Housing employees to ensure that residents receive timely information during official election campaigns, residents' privacy rights are upheld, and all contact with candidates and/or agents are directed to the Public Affairs division. The Elections Policy also provides direction to employees, Board members and residents on how Toronto Community Housing resources can and cannot be used during elections, and sets out conditions for employees seeking political office.

Policy Statement

During municipal, school board, provincial and federal election campaign periods, Toronto Community Housing and its employees, Board members and residents will:
  • support residents to ensure they receive timely information on elections, political parties and candidates.
  • act in accordance with privacy legislation by keeping resident information private and not releasing it.
  • ensure that requests from election candidates or their agents are managed by the Public Affairs division.
  • ensure that Toronto Community Housing resources are not used to promote or give unfair advantage to any candidate, political party, or question on a ballot during an election or at any other time.
  • support employee participation in political activities by granting unpaid leave to those seeking election.


The purpose of this policy is to:
  • outline Toronto Community Housing's responsibilities during elections.
  • outline how Toronto Community Housing resources can and cannot be used during elections.
  • guide the conduct of Toronto Community Housing employees, Board members and residents during official election campaign periods, including those seeking political office.


The Elections Policy governs election activities on Toronto Community Housing property. The Policy applies to all Toronto Community Housing employees, Board members, and residents, including those running for political office. The Policy applies to Toronto Community Housing resources including employees, events, facilities, funds, information and infrastructure.

Policy Details

The Elections Policy Guidelines provide detailed information on how to apply the Policy in the following areas:
  • Election Activities on Toronto Community Housing Property.
  • Election Signs.
  • Protection of Resident Privacy.
  • Election-related Inquiries.
  • Use of Toronto Community Housing Resources during Election Period.
  • Workplace Conduct during Election Period.
  • Employees Seeking Political Office.


Election – An election or by-election at the municipal, school board, provincial or federal level of government, or the submission of a question or by-law to the electors.

Election Materials –Any materials advertising or promoting a candidate in an election that are intended to influence persons to vote for or against a candidate or a question on a ballot. Materials may include literature, banners, posters, pictures, buttons, clothing, etc. Election materials also include materials in all media, including websites or social media.

Employee –Employees include management and exempt employees and all members of TCHC bargaining units.

Political Office -The elected offices of a school board or municipal, provincial or federal government.

Toronto Community Housing Resources-Resources including but not limited to employees, events, facilities, funds, information and infrastructure.

  • "Events" means events funded or organized by Toronto Community Housing including events that may be jointly organized with residents, community organizations and/or with external sponsors.
  • "Facilities" means the common areas or grounds of any facility which is owned or leased by Toronto Community Housing.
  • "Information" means any information in the custody and control of Toronto Community Housing, including databases that may be the repository of names, contact information, business records, financial information or other identifiers compiled and used by Toronto Community Housing employees to conduct Toronto Community Housing business.
  • "Infrastructure" means any physical or technology systems that support the operation of Toronto Community Housing, including but not limited to fleet vehicles, computer network, telecommunications and GroupWise e-mail system, wireless equipment, computer hardware, software and peripherals, internet and intranet.​

Governing and Applicable Legislation

  • The City of Toronto Municipal Code
  • Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, Section 28
  • Municipal Election Act, 1996
  • Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
  • Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA)
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Commencement and Review

  • This policy takes effect August 21, 2013
  • Next Review Date August 2015

Policy Contact

  • Strategic Planning and Stakeholder Relations