Our strategic plan

Our strategic plan

Our last strategic plan, Homeward 2016 (PDF), closed at the end of 2015. To guide our strategic direction and corporate priorities this year, we have the 2018 Corporate Objectives, Actions and Performance Measures (PDF). They are focused on three strategic goals: delivering quality homes, creating vibrant communities for residents , and striving for service excellence. The 2018 Corporate Objectives, Actions and Performance Measures has been developed to:

  • enable TCHC to continue to become more tenant-centric and responsive, and provide better quality homes for tenants;
  • operationalize the 2018 budget;
  • make sure that the commitments being made are aligned with the requirements under the Tenants First implementation plan; and
  • although ambitious, make sure that the deliverables are achievable.

Each goal has specific objectives, and progress will be reported out in our Monthly CEO Reports

2019 to 2022 strategic plan

Tenant consultations: April 2018

We are developing our strategic plan for 2019 to 2022 and we want to hear from tenants. 

In April 2018, we hosted seven town halls across the city for tenants. During the consultations, we talked about our progress on the plan and asked tenants for feedback on several key priorities. 

Details for these consultations can be found on our events calendar; the meetings are called "2019-2022 strategic plan: tenant consultations".

Feedback meetings: May 2018

We are hosting four (4) additional meetings in May to update tenants on how their suggestions have influenced the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan. 

Details for these consultations can be found on our events calendar; the meetings are called "2019-2022 strategic plan: feedback meetings".

For more information, or to register to attend this meeting, contact Kate Serjeant at Kate.Serjeant@torontohousing.ca or 416-981-5601.

2019 to 2022 strategic plan: feedback survey

A survey asking tenants for feedback on the 2019 to 2022 strategic plan was open on Survey Monkey from April 12 to 30, 2018.