Affordable rent

Affordable rent

  • ​​​​​​Toronto Community Housing has affordable units available for singles, families and seniors with lower incomes. Affordable units vary in size and rental rates.
  • Affordable units are not rent-geared-to-income (RGI) units. Rent is set at or below average market rent. There are income restrictions to qualify for an affordable rent unit.
  • To qualify for an affordable rental unit, an applicant's household annual gross income cannot exceed four times the annual rent of the unit you are applying for. Use the calculation guide(below) to see if you qualify for an affordable rental unit.

These are sample calculations only (use the monthly rental rate of the unit you're interested in renting to find out if you qualify).

For example: if you want to rent a bachelor unit with a monthly rent of $822, your household's maximum annual gross income must be equal to or less than $39,456 ($822 x 12 months x 4 = $39,456).

Type of unitSample monthly rental rates x 12 months x 4 =Maximum household annual gross income 
Bachelor$822x 12 months x 4 =$39,456
1-bedroom$979x 12 months x 4 =$46,992
2-bedroom$1,161x 12 months x 4 =$55,728

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