Regent Park Request for Proposals - Phases 4 and 5

Regent Park Request for Proposals - Phases 4 and 5

Make an Impact! Help us score potential developer partners for Phases 4 & 5

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Revitalization in Regent Park is transforming our community into a mixed-income neighbourhood with new residential buildings, retail, community facilities and parks.

Toronto Community Housing is engaging in a Request for Proposals (RFP) process to select a developer partner for the Phases 4 & 5 lands in North Regent Park.

As part of this process, community members will participate in an open and fair process to score potential developer partners.

Look out for the Developer Presentation
The Spectrum (585 Dundas St E)
Spring 2019

More details to come
Refreshments, Childcare & Translation Provided

Ask Questions. Make An Impact.

How can I get involved in the Request for Proposals Process?

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Please attend the community presentation:

Meeting will be early spring

Please look out for details soon

Refreshments, Translation and Childcare Provided

Location: The Spectrum (585 Dundas St E)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Request for Proposals (RFP) process for Phases 4 & 5?
A “Request for Proposals” or RFP is a public process that Toronto Community Housing must complete to ensure a fair and competitive method is used to select a developer partner for Phases 4 & 5 of Regent Park.

Will this slow down redevelopment of Phases 4 & 5?
No, we do not anticipate that there will be any impact on the current timelines for redevelopment of Phases 4 & 5.

Who developed the engagement strategy for the RFP?

Toronto Community Housing is working with a “Revitalization Working Group” composed of Regent Park Neighbourhood Association members, TCH Tenant Council representatives and other residents who provide recommendations and advocate for changes to improve our engagement and RFP process.

How can I be involved?
We’ll be in your building and in the community, where you can help create questions to ask potential developer partners and you can score developers at the community presentation at the Spectrum.

Where can I learn more about revitalization?

Call: 416-981-4311 (Regent Park Hotline)

For General Maintenance Requests Call: 416-981-5500


The Revitalization Working Group:


The purpose of the Regent Park Revitalization Working Group ("Revite Working Group") is to:

  • Understand and prioritize issues directly related to the Revitalization of Regent Park
    • Focusing on two key priorities initially:
      1) Development of a fair, transparent and useful process for community members to be engaged in the Phase 4 & 5 "Request for Proposals" process to select a developer partner, including attendance at a community presentation

      2) The development of a fair process for the selection of an organization or organizations that would use potential community space in Phase 4 & 5

  • Be informed through "Lessons Learned", community-based research and community engagement about issues and concerns

  • Create a space for stakeholders to work together in the co-creation of recommendations directed to Toronto Community Housing with the specific aim of solving and/or addressing concerns and issues and to broadly make Regent Park an even better place to live, learn, work, grow and play

  • Report back to the broader community, including residents, agencies, organizations and institutions in the community about the work being done to improve revitalization with the hope of an even better Regent Park


Goals and Outcomes

The Revite Working Group should aim to:

  • Learn about and be an interface with the community about revitalization-specific issues, concerns, or goals
  • Communicate to stakeholders, including especially Toronto Community Housing, about issues, concerns and goals
  • Create specific recommendations for investigation or action aimed at Toronto Community Housing to improve revitalization

In the links below please find important documents that relate to the Revitalization Working Group

Working Group Meeting 1 Agenda

Working Group Mandate