Tenant Action Fund Tables

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    What are Tenant Action Funds Tables?

    Members of the Tenant Action Funds Tables include Toronto Community Housing tenants from across the city. They review tenant funding requests for community projects and initiatives that respond to tenant-identified priorities.

    To ensure tenants continue to access resources until the new Tenant Engagement System was implemented, we established four Interim Funding Tables (September 2019) to help distribute Tenant Action Funds to tenants or tenant groups. The established groups were made up of representatives from across the TCHC portfolio, who were selected through an application and interview process.

    Members of the Interim Funding Tables reviewed and approved requests by tenants and tenant groups to fund projects and initiatives that will respond to tenant-identified priorities.

    Eligibility criteria

    To be eligible to be part of the Tenant Action Funds Table, you must be a tenant 16 years of age or older, who is committed to individual and community well-being, passionate about your community and looking to enhance your leadership skills.

    If this sounds like you will be a good fit, we encourage you to apply.

    Personal attributes

    You are interested in and committed to community well-being, are empathetic, a passionate collaborator and communicator, reliable, guided by an anti-oppression framework, are sensitive, respectful and have demonstrated leadership skills within your community.

    Skills and qualifications

    You are knowledgeable about the City of Toronto, communities in our city and tenants’ needs and priorities. You also have knowledge of Toronto Community Housing’s policies and operations or have a strong willingness to learn.


    You are involved in your community and/or have experience in community development and working with tenants through Tenant Councils, advocacy initiatives, ongoing events, allocating resources etc.


    You are 16 years of age or older and on a Toronto Community Housing lease agreement.

    Membership roles and expectations

    As a member of the Tenant Action Funds Table, you will work with other tenants to review and approve requests by tenants and tenant groups to resource projects and initiatives that will respond to tenant-identified priorities.

    This is a great opportunity to network, build your skills and gain strong community engagement experience.

    Conflict of interest

    Members of the Tenant Action Funds Table are not allowed to submit funding requests for initiatives in their community. When there are funding requests from their building or townhouse, the member cannot participate in the assessment of those applications and is expected to sign a conflict of interest declaration form.

    Members of the Tenant Action Funds Tables are expected to:

    • support an inclusive environment that promotes dignity, respect and is free of discrimination and harassment
    • attend one orientation and training session
    • attend scheduled meetings
    • approve funding requests based on community priorities
    • adhere to the expectations set out in the Tenant Charter (PDF)
    • promote the availability of funds

    Process to review funding requests

    • Step one: review all applications and requests one week prior to the meeting
    • Step two: review tenant-identified priorities of each community for which funding is requested
    • Step three: review community demographics
    • Step four: review status of available funds
    • Step five: staff will contact the tenant or tenant group prior to the application assessment if there are any questions or clarifications about the application
    • Step six: assess application
    • Step seven: sign-off on decision

    2023 Information Package and Application

    Read the 2023 Tenant Action Fund Tables Information Package (PDF) for more information.

    To apply to join a Tenant Action Fund Table, complete the 2023 Tenant Action Fund Tables Application Form (PDF).