Current vendors

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    Current vendors are encouraged to set up a VendorCafe account. If you do not have one, please reach out about company updates, billing and other procurement questions. 

    Vendor profiles 

    Toronto Community Housing strives to maintain an accurate database of vendor information to ensure correct and prompt payment and communication. It is imperative that you inform us of any changes to your company profile. 

    If you would like to update your company profile (e.g. address, phone), please follow the instructions below: 

    • If you have been invited and registered to VendorCafe, all changes can be made through the portal. 
    • If you are not registered for Vendor Café, please email with the requested changes.  


    If you are not registered for Vendor Café, all invoices should be sent to

    If you have been invited and registered to Vendor Café, all invoices should be submitted through the portal.

    Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

    If you would like to set up or change your existing EFT arrangements, please contact New EFT setups require a void cheque along with banking information.


    VendorCafe is TCHC’s online vendor management system. Use VendorCafe to: 

    • Manage your account information from within VendorCafe instead of emailing TCHC for change requests and document updates. 
    • Electronically submit invoices for payment against completed work orders and purchase orders, as well as track invoice approvals and payments. 

    If you are already using VendorCafe for another client, you can use your existing account for multiple clients. A dropdown menu within VendorCafe will display your various clients and allow you to switch between them. 

    If you are new to VendorCafe, please register by emailing with the requested changes to your primary and/or alternative email address. Note that the primary email address is linked to your VendorCafe page, EFT payments and correspondence; the alternative email address is used for dispatching work orders only.

    You will receive an email within 48hrs from with a link inviting you to join and register. The invitation will include a quick start guide, a link to a Yardi VendorCafe webinar that you can attend for free, as well as contact information and resources to provide you with support. Sign-up for VendorCafe is free.
    The VendorCafe User Guide(PDF) can assist you in working in VendorCafe, also see our VendorCafe FAQs (PDF) for more information.

    If you have any questions, please send an email to