Our housing

Our housing

​​​​​​​​​​Our housing portfolio includes more than 350 high-rise and low-rise apartment buildings. Toronto Community Housing organizes its portfolio into three regional offices. 

Seniors Housing Unit

Two units, one for the east side of the city and one for the west, are exclusively focused on our seniors mandated buildings and our single family homes.

As we phase in our Integrated Service Model, we will be moving incrementally from a two-region model to a four-region model. Currently, we are rolling out the Integrated Service Model in the newly created southeast region of the portfolio.
Seniors Housing Unit
Interim General Manager: Grant Coffey
Assistant General Manager: Brad Priggen

Operating Unit Managers:

Family and Mixed Housing

Eleven of the units are focused on family and mixed housing and grouped geographically into three regions - West, Central and East.
West Region
General Manager: Adam Sweedland 
Assistant General Manager: John Perkovic

Former Operating Units:

East Region
General Manager: Marva Jeffers
Assistant General Manager: Bob Macdonald

Former Operating Units: 

Central Region
General Manager: John Kraljevic 
Assistant General Manager: Barry Thomas

Former Operating Units: 


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Available Developments
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Available Developments
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