Toronto Community Housing celebrates the official opening of The Centre for Advancing the Interests of Black People

TORONTO, December 2, 2021—Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) reaffirms its commitment to confronting anti-Black racism in the workplace and its communities today through the launch of the Centre for Advancing the Interests of Black People ("The Centre").   

The Centre's official launch event will highlight the progress made over the past year and showcase presentations about the CABR Strategy's eight-point plan from speakers who represent staff, tenants and stakeholders. The new Centre's logo is also set to be revealed at the event. 

The launch of the Centre marks the achievement of a key milestone in TCHC's Confronting Anti-Black Racism (CABR) Strategy and is one of the responses to address anti-Black racism at TCHC. 

The Centre will create a space for conversations about race and anti-Black racism and drive innovative responses and remedies that confront anti-Black racism and all forms of discrimination and prejudice. The goals of The Centre include: 

  • Lead the implementation of the CABR Strategy and its eight-point plan. 
  • Collaborate with other TCHC teams to implement divisional action plans to help support the advancement of the CABR Strategy over the next three years.  
  • Guide the changes that will help to dismantle anti-Black racism in TCHC's policies, procedures and operations. 
  • Engage with the newly established Tenant-Staff Oversight and Advisory Board to ensure accountability, transparency and implementation of the CABR Strategy. 
  • Provide semi-annual reports about the CABR Strategy to the TCHC Board of Directors. 

Set to be supported by 15 full-time staff, The Centre is designed to create positive outcomes for Black tenants and staff by identifying and confronting anti-Black racism embedded within the organization.  


"Today's launch of the Centre is just one part of an organization-wide strategy, informed through the detailed engagement of tenants and staff, to collect their ideas, feedback and concerns. We recognize that transformative change will only be possible if we equip and empower our workforce to recognize and confront anti-Black racism. Our frontline staff will be both the benefactors and the drivers of this change, and I am grateful for their support in this vital work. As an organization, we are committed to giving Black tenants and staff who have been affected by anti-Black racism the support and protection they need to help us reconstruct our communities to better serve us all." 

- Jag Sharma, TCHC President and CEO 

"On behalf of the Centre, I want to thank the staff and tenants who have been a part of the CABR work over the past year. Your voices, your efforts and—most importantly—your time have been crucial to getting us to this point. Together, we have started the journey to reconstruct community housing and eradicate anti-Black racism. That journey will be long, and not without setbacks, but I am honoured to lead a team of passionate professionals who are committed to this work. Together, we will bring to bear tangible and meaningful new ways to tackle anti-Black racism and create positive change that helps to reshape our communities and this city." 

- Evelyn Amponsah, Director, Centre for the Advancement of the Interests of Black People 

"The City of Toronto shares its appreciation that Toronto Community Housing is taking a steadfast approach to incorporate an anti-Black racism analysis into its culture and operations. Addressing anti-Black racism continues to be a top priority for the city. The launch of the Centre and the implementation of the CABR strategy will affect not only tenants living in TCHC, but all residents across the city. As a city, we must continue to advocate for inclusivity and accessibility to all Torontonians. I look forward to working with the Centre and the City's CABR unit to bring lasting change to Toronto." 

- Mayor John Tory

About Toronto Community Housing

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