Tenant Engagement System - New process ramps up

Are you interested in getting involved by representing your community in the refreshed Tenant Engagement System

Throughout the months of February and March, Toronto Community Housing tenants can get involved by:  

  • attending an information session on tenant elections, where they will also learn how to run for or elect a Community Representative. Information sessions are for communities that chose the Community Representative model of the Tenant Engagement System; or
  • attending an open call meeting to learn more about and join the Building/Townhouse Committee. Open call meetings are for communities that chose the Building/Townhouse Committee model of the Tenant Engagement System.

At the information sessions and open call meetings, tenants will be given information packages and will learn about their roles and responsibilities.

Interested tenants are encouraged to keep a look out for posters in their buildings or townhouse community or contact their local Community Services Coordinator (CSC) to learn the details of their information session or open call meeting and/or get involved.

To learn more, visit torontohousing.ca/tenantelections or speak to your local engagement CSC. Don’t know who your CSC is? Call the Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500 and an agent will connect you to the right person.