TCHC Media Statement

TORONTO — The Toronto Community Housing Board of Directors has released the following statement today.

At Toronto Community Housing (TCHC), our first priority is the health and well-being of our tenants. In recent months, we have acted swiftly and transparently to review and respond to concerns about the RFP process to award management consulting services to Orchango. In order to fully investigate the matter, we retained the services of Bennett Jones who have subsequently reported to the Board on the work undertaken.

Having carefully considered all of the available evidence, the Board has concluded that TCHC CEO Kathy Milsom's conduct throughout this process did not meet the high standard that we set for ourselves. This conduct included overseeing an RFP process that did not comply with the procedures and protocols expected of a public procurement process and failing to fully cooperate with the investigation that has led to this independent report.

As such, we agree that it is in the best interest of the organization that Ms. Milsom cease to be CEO, effective immediately.

In order to ensure stability and continuity for our employees and tenants, Vice President Sheila Penny will continue in the role of acting CEO until April 3rd, at which point Kevin Marshman, the current Chair of the Board, will take over as the full-time CEO. Mr. Marshman has a strong track record serving TCHC, both as a member and then Chair of the Board as well as interim CEO in 2017.

Going forward, job number one remains to continue to change the culture at TCHC to better the lives of our tenants. We are squarely focused on their needs and on implementing an aggressive building repair program to improve their homes and communities.

Kevin Marshman quote

"As a leader with over 35 years of experience in both the private and not-for-profit sectors, I am committed to continuing TCHC's focus on organizational culture change to better serve our tenants. As CEO, I will be focused on making tangible improvements to tenants' living spaces, tenant service levels and tenants' needs not only to improve their lives, but also the standing of TCHC as a more responsive organization.

"Likewise, empowering our employees will best position our organization to maximize our potential. I will strive to take best advantage of the diversity of skills and experiences within our team to improve our organizational culture and ensure we all continue to build a better, tenant-focused TCHC together." 

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