Our 12 Days of Fire Safety and decorating guide will help you have a safe and happy holiday season

As we spend more time indoors during the winter months, the risk of common fire hazards goes up. The Ontario Fire Code also sets clear rules for festive decorations in hallways, lobbies and on doors to protect everyone who lives and works in your building.

As part of the ongoing fire education in Toronto Community Housing communities, we are rolling out our digital
12 Days of Fire Safety campaign as well as a poster on safe decorating (in partnership with Toronto Fire Services).

12 Days of Fire Safety (PDF)

We'll be sharing a fire safety tip every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until the new year to make sure you and your loved ones stay warm and safe. Tips will range from proper use of space heaters and holiday decorations to candle safety.

Check out our Facebook page and our Twitter feed to see the latest tips.

Decorate with care

While festive decorations can bring welcome cheer during the holidays, decorating must be done safely. We have created a helpful poster promoting safe holiday decorating in accordance with the Ontario Fire Code. The poster is being sent to all TCHC buildings and should be visible in lobbies or common areas this week.

Additional resources

You can also visit our fire safety webpage for more fire safety information. Be sure to follow us on social media under the following accounts:

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