News release: Toronto Community Housing releases Rubin Thomlinson summary report regarding TCHC’s human resources practices

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Toronto Community Housing releases Rubin Thomlinson summary report regarding TCHC's human resources practices

TORONTO, October 10, 2019—Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) today released Rubin Thomlinson's independently-prepared report summarizing its review of TCHC's human resources practices.

"The Board fully endorses the Rubin Thomlinson report and has directed management to take appropriate action to implement its recommendations immediately," said TCHC board chair Tim Murphy. "We want to thank all of the individuals who participated in the review and the team at Toronto Community Housing.  This is an important step in helping us improve as an organization as we seek to operate in the best interest of our tenants."

Releasing the complete Rubin Thomlinson summary report reflects the commitment, given to the Toronto Ombudsman and certain complainants, to protect their anonymity as a condition of their participation and protects the privacy of others involved, while providing full transparency on the review's findings and recommendations.

Of the 31 concerns brought forward by complainants, Rubin Thomlinson found only three to be supported and one to be partially supported.

When concerns regarding its human resources practices arose in 2017, Toronto Community Housing, with guidance from the Toronto Ombudsman, retained Rubin Thomlinson LLP, a nationally recognized firm that focuses on workplace reviews and assessment, to undertake an independent review.

"I welcome the thoroughness of the report and fully accept the findings," CEO Kevin Marshman said. "We addressed many of the concerns raised in this report by introducing a Workplace Harassment Program and a new Procedure for Staff Complaints in 2018. We will take appropriate action to address the remaining recommendations and review our harassment program and complaints procedure in light of Rubin Thomlinson's recommendations, and report back to the board in Q1 2020."

Rubin Thomlinson interviewed 34 current and former TCHC employees during its 18-month investigation. The Rubin Thomlinson summary report (PDF) is posted on TCHC's website.

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