News Release: Toronto Community Housing changes its air conditioner policy

TORONTO, December 2, 2019—Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) announced today it will no longer permit tenants to install window air conditioners and has begun a phased approach to removing them.

Currently, a tenant must get written permission to install a window air conditioner. TCHC will no longer provide this permission for window air conditioners that are not contained within a balcony.

Going forward, staff will no longer provide consent to tenants who request permission to install a window air conditioner in their home. Tenants who currently have a window air conditioner contained within a balcony may continue to use them until further notice.

Work began on November 28 to remove window air conditioners in multi-storey buildings not contained within a balcony. TCHC has hired Building Up, a social enterprise and existing TCHC vendor with extensive experience in air conditioner removal. The work will be completed before December 25. TCHC will begin removing air conditioners from townhomes shortly thereafter.

In expanding its existing air conditioner exchange program, TCHC will replace each window air conditioner it removes with a new floor-model air conditioner, at no charge to the tenant, before the start of the 2020 cooling season. It will extend the exchange program to tenants who have already removed window air conditioners that were not contained within a balcony.

TCHC's goal is to eventually replace all window air conditioners, including those over a balcony, with floor-model air conditioners. Floor models provide more cooling and are safer, quieter and more energy efficient.


"Sadly, we have seen how the risk of a window air conditioner becoming dislodged can have tragic consequences. We are taking steps to protect the safety of tenants, staff and visitors to our buildings and are asking for the cooperation of tenants as we implement these measures."

—President and CEO Kevin Marshman


Read our backgrounder for more details about the plan


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