MABELLEpantry food market supports neighbourhood

MABELLEarts is a community arts company that has been working with TCHC tenants on Mabelle Avenue since 2007. Three weeks into the global pandemic, MABELLEarts launched a food program for Mabelle Avenue's most vulnerable residents. Since then, by working with tenants and a host of partners (including Toronto Community Housing) this program has evolved into the MABELLEpantry - a weekly, open-air, free food market serving over 400 households on the block. This video below, created by MABELLEarts, Park People and Mira Productions, tells the story of the MABELLEpantry and some of the amazing tenant leaders involved.

MABELLEarts began the MABELLEpantry as a COVID-19 emergency response to food insecurity for the residents on Mabelle Avenue.