Feature Story: Toronto Community Housing welcomes donation of hygiene products from Humber River Hospital to support tenants

TORONTO, May 29, 2020 — When there's a need, there's ingenuity, generosity — and great partners to Toronto Community Housing tenants such as Humber River Hospital.

Anyone who's been to a drugstore lately will know the cost of shampoo, toothpaste and many other personal hygiene products can really add up. For many Toronto Community Housing tenants in the west of the city, especially single moms with a limited budget they'd rather spend on their children, making ends meet frequently means going without essential care products.

Enter the generous staff of Humber River Hospital, and the problem-solving savvy of Community Services Coordinator Tracy Campbell and Tenancy Management Supervisor Patricia Quartarone.

Tracy and Patricia have long worked with community partners, including Humber River Hospital (HRH). Tracy approached Joe Gorman, Director of Public Affairs at HRH, and a plan was hatched to enlist the hospital in sourcing supplies to support tenants in need.

"It's part of what we do to give back to the community," said Gorman. "Whether it's redistributing extra donations we receive at the hospital or our own staff, physicians and volunteers making a personal contribution. This is our community too, and in the case of essential hygiene products, it's a health issue as well. It was a pleasure working with Tracy and Patricia to make this happen."

Charmaine Browne, Acting Manager of Community Safety and Support, also pitched in with her team to help with pickup and delivery.

Rafael DaSilva, a program coordinator from the Active Living team, collected the supplies from the hospital and delivered them to Tracy, who carried out an inventory.

As for distribution, Tracy teamed up with a number of partner agencies who will provide services to many tenants in the community, and who had also noted the need for household toiletries. The toiletries will be distributed this week, and Tracy also made a few deliveries herself.

"Tenants really appreciated that we took time to give them a helping hand with something that's about quality of life, and greater peace of mind in these difficult times," Tracy said, adding that more than 100 tenant households will receive a delivery of supplies.

Recently, West Region staff have also coordinated donations of footwear and clothing from a major retailer. They plan to distribute other donations from good neighbours – including the local hospital and its staff.


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