Community Safety Unit unveils new heraldic crest

TCHC's Community Safety Unit's new crest

The new CSU heraldic crest

TORONTO, January 24, 2022—Toronto Community Housing Corporation's (TCHC) Community Safety Unit (CSU) unveiled its new heraldic crest today.

The new crest is a symbol of the CSU's connection to the City of Toronto, its commitment to tenants and its responsibilities as peace officers.

  • The crest's arms are blue and yellow, the colours of the arms of the City of Toronto. The blue chevron represents the homes that TCHC manages.
  • The motto, "Together for Safer Communities," speaks to the CSU's purpose.
  • The Royal Crown indicates the service upholds the peace under the Crown of Canada.
  • The maple leaves show that the Unit is located in Canada and the trillium flower shows that it is located in Ontario

The CSU will introduce its new crest in stages on uniforms and vehicles, starting this month in its West District and then in the Central and East districts later this year.

The new crest was developed with the participation of the Chief Herald of the Governor General's Office and is also a registered trademark. The crest is registered with The Public Register of Arms, Flags, and Badges of Canada via the Governor General of Canada, who is the head of the Canadian Heraldic Society.


"We thank Dr. Samy Khalid, the Chief Herald of Canada, and the Canadian Heraldic Authority for their support and assistance in developing our new crest. The CSU is proud to have a heraldic crest that reflects the work that we do and the people and communities we serve, and we look forward to launching the crest on our uniforms and vehicles over the coming weeks and months."

—Allan Britton, Acting Chief Special Constable and CSU Senior Director


About Toronto Community Housing

Toronto Community Housing is Canada's largest social housing provider, and provides homes to nearly 60,000 households with low and moderate incomes in neighbourhoods across the city. Toronto Community Housing is wholly owned by the City of Toronto and its 2,100 buildings represent a $10-billion public asset.

About the Community Safety Unit (CSU)

The CSU is a team of special constables, parking enforcement officers, dispatchers, community safety advisors and other management and administrative staff. CSU officers' conduct daily patrols on TCHC properties, deliver a variety of safety programs for tenants, ensure the security of Toronto Community Housing tenants, buildings and events, work in close partnership with other law enforcement agencies including the Toronto Police Service and participate on a variety of community policing liaison committees.