Announcing the launch of our new Regent Park Revitalization Phases 4 and 5 website -

Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) in partnership with Tridel Builders Inc. (Tridel), have refreshed the Regent Park Revitalization community information hub,, providing residents with the latest updates on the final phases of the project shaping Regent Park's exciting new future.

Read the rezoning application in the new Proposal section

The refreshed website features a new Proposal section, with links to the recently tendered Rezoning Application, submitted to the City of Toronto on April 14.

Find answers to common questions in our new FAQ

What is rezoning and why is this needed for Phases 4 and 5? How will sustainability, accessibility and community safety be addressed in these last phases of revitalization? What is the timeline for project completion? Find answers to these questions and more in our new FAQ section.

Learn more about the Phase 4 and 5 Regent Park Revitalization Project and Team in our updated About section

Meet the joint project team – TCHC, Tridel and Bolt Charitable Foundation – in our new About section. Read a brief history of the Regent Park Revitalization to understand where we were, and visit our updated Home page, new Timeline and Proposal pages to understand where we are and where we are headed. Learn more about the vision and in our transformative roadmap developed in close consultation with community members.

See community engagement milestones and what's next in our new Timeline section

From the selection of Tridel as our developer partner for Phases 4 and 5 in December 2020, to the submission of the rezoning application and latest call for members in the Community Benefits Working Oversight Working Group (CBOWG), our Timeline outlines what's happened and what's to come, with links to summaries and materials from events.

Discover employment opportunities available to Regent Park residents through Tridel Community Worx, and a link to a new Relocation section on our updated Home page

As part of Community Economic Development in Regent Park, TCHC and Tridel are excited to support residents in securing meaningful employment opportunities. Find the latest employment opportunities available and resident testimonials from program participants.

Also added to our Home page is a link to a new Relocation page outlining TCHC's five-step relocation process premised on the values of respect, accountability, community consultation, collaboration, integrity and accessibility for persons with disabilities, and the latest related notifications for residents.

Visit and see what's new.