Allenbury Gardens community comes out to celebrate revitalization completion

With scholarship awards, back-to-school giveaways, a BBQ and DJ, the event marked a significant milestone for this community.

Labour Day weekend traditionally marks the end of summer. For those living in Toronto Community Housing’s (TCHC) Allenbury Gardens community, it also marked the end of revitalization—and the community celebrated in style.

“I’m so pleased to see this community’s revitalization come to its completion,” said Rasha Haider, Senior Development Manager at TCHC. Haider has been part of the revitalization of Allenbury Gardens for years now. “This community is really vibrant. The tenants are really connected to each other and this revitalization completion party was a great way to celebrate with them.” 

The celebration was held in the park that connects the two main parts of the community. Festivities included back-to-school backpack giveaways, compliments of TCHC’s development partner Fram Building Group. They also funded $60,000 in community scholarships to tenants, of which three scholarships were handed out at the event.

TCHC staff member Rasha Haider stands smiling with an ice cream cone at the Allenbury Gardens community event.

Rasha Haider from TCHC took Polaroid pictures of tenants. The photos were put in a time capsule, which will be opened in the future.

Allenbury Gardens elevated the party atmosphere with a BBQ and DJ. TCHC staff took Polaroid pictures for a time capsule to celebrate the revitalization’s completion. It will be brought out in the future, so the community can reflect on where they were and what they were most proud of about the community.

Six-year-old Mafhi got her backpack and was seen dancing all over the Allenbury Gardens park playground, with moves that would humble Mick Jagger. “I’m having the best day ever,” Mafhi said with a big smile. “I’m six-years-old and I love to dance.” Mafhi added that she and her five siblings enjoy living in Allenbury Gardens because it’s all new and something to be proud of: “It’s really cool here. And, I love the playground!”

Six-year-old Mafhi and her grandmother Merlinda stand in a playground in the Allenbury Gardens community. Mafhi is holding a Minnie Mouse backpack.

Six-year-old Mafhi and her grandmother Merlinda attended the BBQ and were pleased to get a backpack for school and Mafhi.

Allenbury Gardens is located in the north central part of Toronto. Its revitalization planning started in 2010, with demolition in 2015.

The revitalization replaced all 133 rent-geared-to-income (RGI) units. Fram Building Group also built 1,017 market units. The community also got a new playground and splash pad, a leashed dog run and outdoor fitness equipment.

“I’m really proud of what we’ve built here,” said Haider. “I’m proud of the community for embracing these changes. I’m also grateful for their patience and the trust they put in us.”