Trades in the 6ix skills fair

Wednesday, June 5, 2024
12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Metro Hall, ground floor rotunda
55 John St. , Toronto

Event description

Trades in the 6ix is an in-person skilled trades fair featuring exhibits and panel discussions. It is open to TCHC tenants ages 16-35.

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About Trades in the 6ix

Trades in the 6ix is an in-person skilled trades fair. The event is open to all Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) tenants ages 16 to 35 interested in pursuing a career in the trades. The skilled trades industry offers a wide range of career paths in various industries, including construction, electrical, aviation, carpentry and more.

These skilled trades are in high demand and provide excellent opportunities for those interested in learning more. Trades in the 6ix will provide tenants and attendees a unique opportunity to explore various skilled trades' professions, job training programs and learn more about career opportunities in the trades. The event will bring together trades professionals, industry unions and educational institutions to showcase the various trades, including exhibits, panel discussions and info sessions.

This event is brought to you by Toronto Community Housing and the Carpenters' Union. 

Event contact

Jerome Leach

Community Services Coordinator