Building Investment, Finance and Audit Committee (BIFAC) Meeting - September 2, 2021

September 2, 2021
Virtual Event

Event description

Official meeting of the Building Investment, Finance and Audit Committee (BIFAC).

Meeting documents

Public BIFAC Materials - September 2, 2021 Web Posting.pdf
Item 2A - BIFAC September 2, 2021 Public Agenda FINAL Web Posting.pdf
Item 2C - Public BIFAC Minutes - July 20, 2021 FINAL.pdf
Item 2D - Internal Audit Update Q2 2021 w attachment.pdf
Item 2E - Status Update-Audit Recommendations-IA Reports as of June 30, 2021 w attachments.pdf
Item 2F - 2021 Internal Audit Work Plan Revision w attachment.pdf
Item 2G - Q2 2021 HoMES Project Update.pdf
Item 2H - Q2 2021 ITS Divisional Update.pdf
Item 2I - Q2 2021 PAC Awards and Revenue Contracts w attachment.pdf
Item 2J - Q2 2021 Tenants First Update w attachments.pdf
Item 2K - Q2 2021 Update on MABELLEarts Long Term Lease and Operating Agreement.pdf
Item 2L - December 2021 Mortgage Renewal.pdf
Item 3 - BIFAC Action Item List - Public - September 2, 2021 - v2.pdf
Item 3 - BN3 re Facility Condition Index (FCI) Report AM Comments.pdf
Item 3 - BN5 re Application and Screening Process for Potential RGI Tenants.pdf
Item 4 - Appointment of Citizen Member(s) to Investment Advisory Committee.pdf
Item 5A - Change Order-Costs-Additional Consulting Services-Regent Park w attachment.pdf
Item 5B - Regent Park Phase 4-5 Development Spending Authority w attachments.pdf
Item 5C - Alexandra Park Phase 2 Revitalization w attachments.pdf
Item 6A - Contractor Award PTAC Replacement and In Suite Ventilation Upgrade at 145 Mutual.pdf
Item 6B - Contractor Award Decommissioning, Abatement, Demolition and Site Grading Services at Firgrove.pdf
Item 6C - Change Order Additional Scope to Renovate Townhouse Units at 275, 285, 295 Shuter.pdf
Item 6D - Contractor Award Balcony Restoration and Railing Replacement at 200 Wellesley.pdf
Item 6E - Contractor Award Architectural and Mechanical Upgrades at 40 Asquith Avenue.pdf
BIFAC September 2, 2021 In-Camera Agenda FINAL WEB POSTING.pdf

Meeting recording

Meeting contact

Sonia Fung

Committee Secretary