Our special constables

Our special constables

The Community Safety Unit was granted Special Constable status in 2000 through an agreement with the Toronto Police Service to perform law enforcement and security functions in relation to the property and operations of Toronto Community Housing. 

Since then, CSU's special constables have held peace officer powers of arrest and limited police officer authorities in accordance with Section 53 of the Police Services Act. All special constables in the unit swear an oath-of-office and undertake police/peace officer duties as set out in Section 42 of the Police Services Act, granting them powers to enforce the following legislation: 

  • Criminal Code of Canada,
  • Controlled Drugs and Substances Act,
  • Mental Health Act,
  • Liquor Licence Act,
  • Trespass to Property Act, and
  • Provincial Offences Act.

Our special constables are dedicated to promoting safety and security in TCHC communities and are focused on:

  • Discouraging antisocial behavior by being a visible, uniformed presence and engaging with tenants
  • Responding to calls for service and investigating incidents
  • Enforcing federal, provincial and municipal legislation
  • Conducting proactive patrols in high-needs communities
  • Participating in community activities and meetings 
  • Conducting joint patrols with police and enforcing parking by-laws
  • Completing safety audits utilizing Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles