Progress of Regent Park

Progress of Regent Park

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Construction sites of Regent Park  

Over the course of 2017 construction will be underway on a number of social housing and market condominium buildings in Regent Park. Check out our live feed of construction.​

If you have questions or concerns about construction, call our Regent Park hotline at 416-981-4311.​

On this page​

​Keeping Regent P​ark clean​

We are working to keep noise and dust levels low during construction. To keep the community clean, we will be cleaning in and around construction sites daily, and street sweeping and flushing (with water) as required. We have a contract with Building Up, a non-profit social enterprise, to clean public areas throughout the community every weekday.

Traffic management

​Current road closures include:

Wyatt Avenue (between Nicholas Avenue and River Street)

Tubman Avenue ​

Current sidewalk closures include:

Sackville Street, east side (between St. Bartholomew Street and St. David Street)

St. David Street, north side (between Sackville Street and Regent Park Boulevard)

St. David Street, south side (between entrance to TDSB parking lot and Sumach Street)

Sumach Street, west side (between St. David Street and Shuter Street)

Wyatt Avenue, north side (between Sumach Street and Tubman Avenue)

​​Your ​safety​

All construction sites have been fenced off and have a dedicated person responsible for regular safety checks to keep everyone safe. When trucks are entering or exiting a site, a construction worker will guide pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

​School zones​

No truck activity will occur south of Nelson Mandela Park Public School on Shuter Street. During school drop-off and pick-up times construction vehicles will also be banned on St. David Street behind the school.

4 City of Toronto crossing guards are active on site at the intersections of Dundas & Sackville, Dundas & Sumach, Shuter & Sackville and Shuter & Sumach.

What is under construction

​Map of Regent Park with block numbers (PDF)​​

​​​Location ​Description ​Number of units ​Start ​End
​Block 27​Southwest corner of Dundas and River​Mid-rise and high-rise Toronto Community Housing Building​276​2015​2018
​Block 28​North of Regent Park Athletics Grounds, between Sumach and Nicholas​Toronto Community Housing townhomes​22​​2016​2017
​Block 24S
​North of St. David Street, between Sackville and Regent Park Blvd​Mid-rise Toronto Community Housing building​155​​2015​2018
​Block 17NSouthwest corner of Oak Street and River Street​Mid-rise Toronto Community Housing building​158​​2017​2019
​​Block 21North of St. David Street, between Regent and Sackville​​Market building – mid-rise building and townhomes​2015​2017
​​Block 23 North of Shuter, between Sutton and Sackville Market building – townhomes and semi-detached homes​2017​2018
​​Block 32Southwest corner of Sumach and St. David​​Market building – mid-rise building
​​Block 26Southwest corner of Sumach and Dundas​​Market building – high-rise building