Don Summerville

Don Summerville

Rendering of Don Summerville community from above
Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) is going beyond bricks and mortar to build clean, safe homes for our residents while creating vibrant communities where people can thrive.

By working together with the City of Toronto, our residents, our neighbours, and our private development partners, we are transforming aging housing infrastructure into better homes, better neighbourhoods, and a better Toronto for all.

TCHC is working closely with tenants and other stakeholders to revitalize the Don Summerville community. In addition to the physical redevelopment of the area, TCHC will collaborate with its community and development partners to support social and economic development by building the capacities of tenants, launching programs geared to tenant needs, creating job opportunities, and fostering social cohesion and community engagement. 


Don Summerville is located in the Leslieville/Beach area, bounded by Queen Street East to the north, Coxwell Avenue to the east, and Eastern Avenue to the south.

Don Summerville: By the numbers

  • Total Size: 3.3 acres
  • RGI Units to be Replaced: 120
  • Affordable Rental Units: 100
  • Market Rental Units: 188
  • Condo Units: 363
  • Retail Space: 16,000 square feet
  • Project Start Date: 2020
  • Anticipated Project Length: 3-5 years

Existing Community

An aerial shot of the Don Summerville community: Queen Street East to the north, Coxwell Avenue to the east.

Don Summerville Scholarship

Toronto Community Housing is working with our development partners Context Developments Inc. and RioCan Living, together with Applegrove Community Complex to deliver the Don Summerville Scholarship Program. This program supports tenants to pursue post-secondary courses and recognizes the commitment of tenants to contributing to their community, bettering the world around them and cultivating change in their career field of interest. Scholarships are intended for full-time and part-time students with the goal of obtaining a degree or academic certificate. 

Information about this round of scholarships will be distributed to tenants in a mail out and on our Don Summerville social media platforms.

**IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Deadline for Don Summerville Scholarship Applications has been extended to June 4, 2021.** The scholarship is for a total value up to $20,000. Recipients will be chosen by a panel of evaluators. Click here for application package.  Click here for a Questions and Answers document. 

Please note, the form is fillable online and can be saved as "[Your Name] DS_Scholarship Application" once it is completed and signed. You are able to add an electronic signature through this process. Your other attachments can be saved as  "[Your Name] DS_Scholarship [Item]". Items include resume, references, transcripts, etc. 

Once you completed and collected all the items for your application, please email them to

Don Summerville Employment

Connecting TCHC tenants with employment is another goal of our revitalization work. TCHC, RioCan, Context Development Inc. and Applegrove Community Complex are collaborating with Woodgreen Employment Services and TDSB's Next Steps Employment Centre in order to leverage supports and services. 

As of October 2020, six tenants have been employed (4 part-time, 1 summer seasonal, and 1 full time) through this working relationship and provided opportunities by the Canada Summer Jobs Program and the Ontario Summer Experience Program. We anticipate more opportunities to become available as restrictions due to COVID-19 are lifted and employers are in a position to hire more employees.

Don Summerville Community Action Plan

Revitalization is not just about the new buildings. It is also about the people and facilitating a positive neighbourhood for all. The Community Action Plan (CAP) is a road map for incorporating neighborhood connectivity, social inclusion and economic empowerment into the revitalization process. The CAP will be created and implemented over the period of the revitalization by tenants, TCHC and local service providers. The first pillar in the CAP is the celebration of heritage.

TCHC, RioCan, Context Development Inc. and Applegrove Community Complex entered into a partnership with East End Arts in July 2020 to support a community-driven heritage project. The project aims to collect and share the stories and photographs of tenants in Don Summerville. As we approach the end of the relocation process it's critical that we can archive this history and share it with the broader community. 

The heritage project has three main activities:

1) Build the capacities of tenants to take photographs with mentorship from a professional photographer

2) Provide the equipment and opportunities for tenants to take photographs and document tenant stories

3) Share these photos and stories with Don Summerville tenants and the broader community

In Don Summerville, three tenants have been employed to support the heritage project. They've launched these social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to post these photographs and stories for the wider public.


Don Summerville Relocation

Don Summerville's relocation process formally started in February 2020, but due to COVID restrictions that affected moving, the process has been extended until December 31, 2020. As part of the relocation process, TCHC works with tenants who select a relocation unit within the TCHC portfolio to move into while the new building is being built. At the beginning of October 2020, approximately 85 per cent of households have been matched and many are in the process of moving. TCHC's relocation and revitalization teams are working closely with tenants to ensure a smooth relocation process by December 2020. 

Development Timeline

  • 2017 – Request for Proposal (RFP) issued for redevelopment of entire site
  • 2018 – Toronto Community Housing selects Development Partner
  • 2019-2020 – Pre-development (Planning Approvals and Site Plan)
  • 2020 – Relocation
  • 2021-2024 – Demolition and Construction
  • 2024-2025 – TCHC Tenants Return


Contact for more information:

Raven Williams

Community Revitalization Assistant

(647) 269-1459


Sundus Balata

Manager, Revitalization and Renewal Communities
(647) 454-5703

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