Leslie Nymark

As part of its commitment to providing safe, clean, well-maintained homes to all tenants, Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) developed a master plan to revitalize, rebuild and renew the Leslie Nymark community, also known as the Villaways. Leslie Nymark is located on Leslie Street, north of Sheppard Avenue East, a short walk from the TTC’s Leslie subway station.

On this page

    The revitalization of Leslie Nymark launched in the fall of 2010. Since then, tenants have worked closely with Toronto Community Housing and its development partner, Tridel, to create a vision to transform their community.

    By the numbers 

    • Total Size: 7 acres
    • Replaced RGI Rental Units: 121
    • Market Condo Units: 499
    • Construction Start Date: 2017
    • Completion of RGI Rental Buildings: 2021
    • Completion of Market Condo: 2022
    • Amenities: A new community open space feature with playground, indoor amenity rooms for residents and enhanced access to the Don Valley Ravine

    Development timeline


    • Market condominium construction completed.


    • RGI rental building construction completed, residents return to new homes


    • Construction begins


    • Relocation process begins


    • Revised application submitted to the City


    • Initial planning application submitted to the City


    • Toronto Community Housing Board selects Tridel as the developer partner and supports moving forward with Revitalization of Leslie Nymark
    • Resident consultations launched

    Employment and education

    As part of their commitment as the development partners, Tridel has provided TCHC tenants with employment and scholarship opportunities as well as contributed towards an endowment fund. Tridel has also contributed $100,000 for scholarships and bursaries to TCHC tenants in support of post-secondary education. Approximately $62,883.60 has been contributed thus far and $37,116.40 will be contributed in the future. To date, 16 tenants have been awarded scholarships and Tridel has provided employment opportunities to 14 TCHC tenants and training/job shadowing opportunities to 21 tenants.

    In partnership with the Toronto Neighbourhood Group, there are currently 5 tenant employees hired through the animator program. The animators connect with tenants about employment and scholarship opportunities, events, and programming.

    Recent updates

    Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC), Tridel and STEPS Public Art have commissioned Toronto-based graffiti artist Jessey (Phade) Pacho to create a large-scale public art mural, to be designed collaboratively with Leslie Nymark residents. Embedded within the public art process are numerous skill-building workshops and employment opportunities for tenants, to ensure the project will leave a lasting legacy in the community. Click the links below for more information. 

    News release: Leslie Nymark community to collaborate with graffiti artist Jessey (Phade) Pacho this summer on large-scale community art project

    Public art project aims to reunite residents returning to revitalized North York community housing complex

    Full spectrum workshop series

    The Full Spectrum workshop series was a 6 week arts program for children who were interested in learning about different ways to express art.

    Active Scholars after school program

    The Toronto Community Housing Active Scholars afterschool program started in the community in mid-November 2022, offering homework support, recreational activities, and snacks to children aged 6-12 years old, 3 days a week. The program is to last until the end of May 2023.