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    ​In late 2021, Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) ran the most recent Tenant Survey. TCHC partnered with Forum Research and sent the survey to all TCHC households. We received 8,852 total responses, which means 22 per cent of all households completed the survey! This is the largest ever response we have ever received for the Tenant Survey.

    As part of the survey, TCHC also anonymously collected demographic data. Information about age, gender, race, language and disability will be used to help TCHC better understand the needs of these groups and how we can best provide support.

    The goal of the survey was to gather feedback on tenant service. The survey results will be used to help TCHC make informed decisions about the services that matter most to tenants. Please see below for a brief overview of the survey results.

    Tenant Survey results overview

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    Your feedback, our commitment

    We have already used feedback from the survey and taken action on three main areas:

    • Bringing contract-managed buildings under direct management. This allows TCHC to provide more consistent service to all tenants.
    • Improving customer service standards and tenant communications. There are new Client Care Centre processes in place to improve service and wait times. TCHC is also launching new digital channels of communication like email and SMS to add new ways of delivering information to tenants.
    • Taking action to improve the safety and security of tenants, staff and buildings. The Community Safety Unit is reviewing the current dispatch process to improve response times to tenant calls.

    View detailed results (PDF).

    If you have any questions about the Tenant Survey or the results, contact 416-981-5500.


    What were the biggest issues identified by the tenant survey results and how will TCHC address them?

    TCHC is already working on three main priority areas identified in the tenant survey:

    1. Bringing contract-managed buildings and Hubs under direct management

    Formerly contract-managed buildings had lower levels of tenant satisfaction. In 2021, TCHC started the process of transferring buildings back to direct management. This allows TCHC to provide more consistent services to all tenants. One of the formerly contract-managed Hubs was already moved back to direct-management at the time of the survey and had high satisfaction levels compared to other Hubs that were still under contract-management. This tells us we are moving in the right direction.

    1. Improving customer service and communication

    The Client Care Centre has updated their processes to improve service and response times to tenants. The Tenant Complaints Process has also been improved. There is bi-monthly complaints resolution training for relevant staff, and quarterly reporting to identify and manage service gaps.

    In fall 2022, tenants were sent a letter to let them know about TCHC’s plan to include more digital communication going forward. The letter included instructions to sign up for email and text communications in the future.

    TCHC is also launching a new website in 2023 that will provide up to date information, resources and services for tenants.

    1. Community safety and security

    In 2022, staffing shortages in the Community Safety Unit’s (CSU) Violence Reduction Program (VRP) were addressed. CSU is also working with the City of Toronto and Toronto Police for access to more accurate shooting data to address gun violence in TCHC communities. TCHC will continue to update security guard presence, CSU patrols, security cameras, and FOB building entry systems to meet the safety needs of each building and community. Additional feedback will be gathered to better understand the differences in perceptions of community safety within different tenant groups.

    Why does Toronto Community Housing spend money on an outside firm to perform these tenant surveys?

    Having an external, third-party organization conduct the Tenant Survey ensures fairness, transparency and anonymity. The 2021 Tenant Survey was conducted by Forum Research.

    What kinds of questions were included in the Tenant Survey?

    The 2021 Tenant Survey was developed using tenant feedback from past surveys and a tenant consultation session after the 2018 Tenant Survey. In the survey, tenants were asked about their satisfaction levels regarding services, safety, programs and supports and communications. Tenants were also asked demographic questions (like age, race/ethnicity, gender identify etc.) to help TCHC better serve the tenant population.

    How often does TCHC conduct a survey with tenants?

    This is the seventh Tenant Survey TCHC has conducted. We will let tenants know when the next survey is being conducted.

    When did tenants receive the survey?

    The survey was mailed out to all households during the week of September 27, 2021. Tenants received the survey in the beginning of October, 2021 and had to complete it by November 5, 2021.

    Why does TCHC conduct the survey?

    The Tenant Survey allows TCHC to measure how tenants feel about the services we provide. The Tenant Survey also helps us understand how tenants feel about their home, building and community.  The survey results and feedback provided by tenants are used to improve our services. 

    Was the survey sent to all tenants?

    The survey was delivered to all households. The survey could be completed on paper, by phone or online. The survey was also available on the phone and online in Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, Tamil, Farsi and Korean.

    A telephone number was provided with the survey package that tenants could use to complete the survey over the phone or ask questions and get support. The online survey was Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 complaint).

    Will you be able to tell who answered the survey?

    No, the survey is completely anonymous.

    Did tenants have to answer the survey?

    The Tenant Survey is completely voluntary. We appreciate the time and effort tenants took to complete the survey and greatly value the feedback provided.